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--- Quote from: TomG on 2021-11-26, 13:54:39 ---
--- Quote from: adityapermana on 2021-11-26, 10:09:06 ---Hello Forum !
im sorry for my stupid question , im newbie here, why my corona camera look like not realistic? where is the fault? thank anyone ^^

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You'd need to start a new thread dedicated to your own problem, and provide MUCH more information. We'd need to see your render, you'd need to tell us what you think does not look realistic, we'd need to know the scene set up - it won't be the camera btw, it will be lighting, or materials, or details (or lack of), etc. Thanks!

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Thanks for your Answer , I want show you something  ,
maybe im wrong in lighting, or im wrong in material? setting is default ,
Thanks you ^^


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