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Gallery / Wooden holiday house in natural place
« on: 2024-05-31, 15:10:22 »
A visualization of a wooden log cabin in an idyllic place, created using Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer, with post-pro in Photoshop.
I hope you like it 😃

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Corona 10 slower than Corona 9
« on: 2023-08-06, 10:20:23 »
I've been using Corona 10 for rendering for some time, but I noticed that it slowed down very much when rendering and with large scenes these times are even several hours, where after optimization to 3k resolution, the time rarely exceeded 2 hours for me. Now, those times are much longer. Today I did a test of a simple packshot scene on Corona 9 and Corona 10 and I was very surprised because it is slower and twice as many rays on Corona 10. Below I am posting a photo with statistics. Have any of you had similar experiences with Corona 10?

My setup Cinema r20, Mac OS Catalina,

Gallery / Gazebo garden in natural environment
« on: 2023-07-13, 19:35:39 »
Hi, I wanted to introduce you to my latest work
Visualization of a garden gazebo in a natural environment, Project made for a pergola manufacturer.
software: C4D+Corona 9+photoshop
hope you like it :)

My works :)

thanks in advance for your suggestions

Good morning, recently I've noticed a lot of lagging. On the Mac OS platform, I installed windows on a workstation and everything works much faster. 

Let me start with the fact that the textures themselves load much faster, there is no problem with the viewport.  On Mac OS, the balloon was spinning for long minutes before the Texture was loaded. However, if there was no connection with textures, it could spin for up to 20 minutes on Mac.  It was very frustrating.  Cinema could hang for a few minutes due to the lack of this one texture. 

I will add that the core corona crash error often appeared, which I have not yet noted on windows. 

The problem appears on the MacBook pro i9 as well as on the hackintosh i9 7980xe 128gb ram. 

I have these feelings even though I've been rendering on Mac for several years. It's definitely much smoother and more freely Corona behaves on windows.  All cinema software runs super smooth.  Please share with me how it works for you.

My soft… C4D r21, 2023.

The photo is from the Internet…

[C4D] General Discussion / License
« on: 2022-09-28, 12:39:23 »
Hi, I have a question regarding the answer to the questions about the Corona 8, before the output of the cr 8 I had so that I am working on the first two cinema 4d r21 and r20.
Previously, I modeled and textured on my laptop and I did such a fast rendering, at the same time the running workstation was rendering the second project. I currently have one license and unfortunately I have to close this license on one device to make it work on the other device. Now I have to buy under a license? I have a subscription for a month.

Hello, I would like to report a problem related to the preview of icons in cinema 4d na macos version corony 8 rc4. With the exact shortcut panels, the icons of the corona are huge, which makes it uncomfortable to work.

does anyone have such a problem with corona 6.0? Batch load textures did not work. (Movie)

Cinema 4d r21 and r18 corona 6.0 system Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.5 MacBook Pro 16”

 Movie ----

Hi Guys, for some time I have a problem that when I create fabric velvet/velour on nodes while adding fresnel or falloff without ticked bump after turning on Cinema 4d again I always have a problem in loading fabric during rendering, it's always black, I have to click adding bump in fresnel or falloff to load the material. It's annoying and time-consuming, is there any solution to this problem?

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