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[C4D] Bug Reporting / Displacements crashes on render client
« on: 2022-05-05, 12:12:04 »
We try different types on displacements maps on 12 different render clients - All crashes. Version 8

We switched to R26, the Daily Build R9 with the R26. Didn't work. Then we uninstalled everything and reinstalled the 8th version with the clients on 12 render nodes. Since then we can't render anymore. The clients show the message:
2022/05/02 09:06:37 [Corona4D] Rendering was canceled - Corona is not activated!
License is no longer available on the render clients
The license server indicates that the license will expire in 22 days. That means the license server believes we are still using the trial version of the Daily Build. How can we reset the state?

Single frames have black areas in a long movie clip. It is always the same frame (no matter which computer). When all light sources are off, these black areas disappear. Shadows can not be the cause (see pictures). Unfortunately we have the phenomenon with many clips

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