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Gallery / Red Kitchen
« on: 2015-09-05, 04:38:51 »
Hi folks! As i sweared here are a lot of final shots of "Red Kitchen")

Studio space in an apartment in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Designed and visulization done by Stanislav Booth

2000x1200 1:10-1:30 rendertime CPU 3930k@4.5

Hope you enjoy!)

Gallery / Coffee&kitchen
« on: 2015-07-05, 12:12:59 »
hope you enjoy)

Off-Topic / The new image format BPG
« on: 2015-03-23, 00:10:31 »
The new image format BPG. Difference btwn it and gif-animation is in about 40 times!!!
You can  check it youself. File here -
Viewer here -

Here is a script with the most often used parameters from Render Setting and a little from Material Editor
Script is in WIP. So a proposals and feedbacks are welcomed

How to:

1) Drag and drop into viewport of 3dsMax with the same Corona Renderer version;
2) Open Customize>>Customize User Interface...>>Toolbars>>category:"Corona Renderer";
3) Drag and drop action "Corona_tweaks" to panel;
4) Press button
5) Enjoy

Tested with 3dsMAX v.2014 and 3dsMAX v.2015

ps: If you want that panel was opened in one time with 3ds max you need to copy into c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20XX\scripts\Startup\

If you need to do floating panel just move mouse on any border part of the panel and double click or open right click menu and click float

Please do so that "Exp.&col/mapping" could to affect to whole VFB
Now it affects only to the region area if I run rendering of the some area of the image and doesn't affect to the whole other image area
i could to affect

Hello, Ondra and Corona Renderer team!
Is it possible to make the tuning of the reflectivity ability with the reflect level but not with the reflect IOR - like it work in real world?
I mean that the level will rule the value of frontal reflection and then let the fresnel do his work.
And take off the IOR from the reflection settings
I resume: the refl.level - frontal reflection and the fresnel - watchs that with ~0 deg. would ~100% reflection

If it possible to add to the z-depth chanel settings the option 'get distance from camera or/and from camera clipping settings'?
Something like as in Vray in the attached picture

started max with empty scene with corona as default renderer > tried to assign other renderer > crashed max ((

I not want to change corona from default)))
but as I understand this is a bug

Hi, Ondra. Have a good time of day!)

I have one small request to you - can you  make the option to disable view rendering HD Cashe in VFB and also when buckets mode using that the last render in VFB was not removed as long as recalculated, please.

Don't know if this bug or not, but if it's possible to do reflection of constantmat so bright as reflection of emitters and lights

example and scene are attached

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / post processing bug?
« on: 2013-06-02, 03:29:02 »
last modify post processing settings don't affect properly  -  when tuning i see one image in VFB but after render runs image becomes much more dark or much more light.
Renderer reset helps only until i starting to change render settings.
it is the same situation in all scenes in max 2013 and 2014.

a bug?

ps: found topic with same bug -,608.0.html
      this thread may be closed or deleted.

Work in Progress/Tests / headoff's 'gallery'
« on: 2013-03-31, 10:57:42 »
Something worries me - bump in curtains is '5' and looking good, but in sofa i had making bump '1' or getting more noise and artefacts. Sorry if it was early discussed

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