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Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-13, 17:03:21 »
Yes giving opinion is valuable thing but i think that there is difference if someone is saying something in manner "it is ok, but it needs a lot more work" I am just saying that this type of commenting started to be more often then it should.
Constructive critique?
Juraj please before you start doing "i know this guy" routine... Maybe someone doesn't know who DIA is and i am glad that i know now how good he is and that he is one of the best out there etc.
I have clearly stated that this is not about if he CAN or CAN NOT do better... It is just how he critique this, it is even more important when you know something better to share that in adequate manner instead putting your nose up like bunch of people that are good in their business these days(didn't say he done that)
Just talking from general point of view of people who are so up high that they forgot they were once at start... no matter how talented person is or hard working no one wouldn't benefit from such vague comment.

I think that your lines dropped here are in pilot phase, and they need more work. How that sounds pretty constructive isn't it? cmon
I didn't tell you or DIA or anyone for that matter something like "You should work on realism little more" that is vague same as telling someone on karaoke night "you should sing little more like David Bowie and you should also write your own stuff" and for 99% people that is here probably cuz of you or DIA or anyone else that is really good in this job not very respectful and pretty lame(from such wizards as you are)
As i mentioned earlier that is just conversational decency, if you are not able or you do not know how to give constructive(serving a useful purpose; tending to build up) criticism please do not give lame one "it could be more real" as you just gonna shit on other peoples hard work and your wizard shit tend to be more heavy then from unknown guy as me as you are best in this business.  That is the attitude, yes i did overreact and i did want to overreact as i wouldn't be able to drop continuation to my original post and in no way you would even notice that post.
So before you think that i think that your work is shit, i don't! I don't have anything else about you to say as i do not care even if you are devil, i don't know you and you are not my friend but if i do participate in this forum it is not as i want to accept your BS critique by default, and i am not defending author as he can speak for himself also i am not his friend nor do i know him but usually when lines are dropped as "it should be more real" forum starts to lose it's purpose... And year or two or 5 years from now people start telling "That was good forum few years back" And how many forums you know that are like that...
And yes i do care about reputation but i do accept the fact that i am human and that i can be total jackass, that i have same as every other person conciseness, jealousy and every bad shit you can think of...
But since you are thinking that critique like "it should be more realistic" is good(as you value his opinion) here it is what you wrote...

"I do not like it either, it's technically nice but I find the mood not fitting, it's far too monotone even for restricted palette." <----do you see any difference...

And stating that DIA is being malicious is more in affect and how fed up from that type of comments i could be(same as with BRAVO type) but at least kind words work better then shit ones...
And once again anyone should express line of thoughts and once again clap clap to your work(Juraj, DIA) nothing personal.
DIA i didn't know anything about you and now that i do, your comment is even more out of the line... And i am glad that you stopped and take notice on my remark to your comment, it's just my compliment to your work(that is great!) and bed commenting.

Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-13, 14:11:12 »
In my eyes this is okay work... Sry but i dont agree with the rest :)  The outside image is the best i think.
But the rest could use alot more work to reach greater realism.
LOL are you serious? This is far much then simple rendering, this is how talent looks like, from start to finish, maybe there is something that could be fixed or changed etc... but if you didn't work on commercial project i am sure you cant even imagine how that process work(pressure, timeline, client wishes etc...)  so from your point of view i am sure this is just ok work as you said it but your comment is somewhat malicious as if you are not able just to say(OK) and stop at that point, you certainly are not in any obligation to give vague comment how it needs more work... Either you give constructive criticism or you keep your mouth shut... Just so you avoid bed reputation... And before you say or think i am shitting over your opinion(as you are in fact have every right on one) i am in no obligation to give you lessons in decent human behavior. So give some respect to fellow artist and this doesn't have anything with part that you CAN or CANT do better then him. This is gallery and if anyone is to give similar type comments you wouldn't have anyone posting here...   

Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-12, 19:19:51 »

Gallery / Re: my youthroom in 1981
« on: 2014-10-09, 12:44:28 »

Gallery / Re: Mercedes-Benz 2015 S-Class Coupe
« on: 2014-10-01, 22:25:44 »
NOOOOOOO don't let client give you hard time, that is why you need to buy baseball bat. If they could 99% of clients would drape in gold feathers and that doesn't mean they are right.
Btw. why didn't you do one in tunnel usually MB want one in like that.

Gallery / Re: Mercedes-Benz 2015 S-Class Coupe
« on: 2014-10-01, 21:50:57 »
Great work, but i don't like IES visible pattern... remove it :D

I want to confirm this problem, same setup(as you would use LightMtl for backplate(constant)) only on glass with thin(no refraction) option as you would use in windows.
Solution for now(it sound simple but i needed days to figure this out... :D):
It does work(reflect) on normal glass with refraction.
Alpha 7.1

Gallery / Re: Nikkor 1:1.2 f=55mm - Nippon Kogaku
« on: 2014-09-30, 20:17:03 »
FTW :D You have killed it. This low res doesn't do justice to your work, HI-RES, HI-RES!!!!!

Gallery / Re: CG Society Lighting challenge#37 Final images
« on: 2014-09-04, 00:37:20 »
Epic!!! Like B&W versions.

Gallery / Re: Visualization of tiles
« on: 2014-07-03, 15:24:41 »
Very good!

Gallery / Re: Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe
« on: 2014-07-03, 02:21:43 »
Nice material! Nice renders and shitty background that doesn't reflect rest of the work... Too bad it isn't in more lavish environment. But you did you part excellent.

Gallery / Re: Record player
« on: 2014-07-03, 02:18:17 »
TOP row!!! Bang bang Blast.

Ctrl+left click(zoom IN) Ctrl+Right click(Zoom OUT)

I am willing to help you without any compensation...(not promising anything)  but i will need to go in some details with you, Contact me trough private messages.

General CG Discussion / Re: ARION guys
« on: 2014-07-01, 01:34:21 »
Don't believe the pipe... or hype, i am running Arion 3.0 beta on WS with two gtx780cards it's not even close when you compare it with corona on i7 4930k(speed to noise ratio).
It has it's usage on product viz or exterior(it supports everything and everything is working dispersion caustics are very good) but some things are not comparable. They menage to gain some speed-up when you compare it to older versions of Arion(most because of new SDK from Nvidia, new cuda, new drivers... Wouldnt go that far and say that speed up isn't credited to Arion developers but lets face it, memory management and general cpu to gpu communication is far better now then few years back...
There is also mtl converter, camera, light, fur, scatter(all Arion default development) still retarded material preview that doesn't show anything as they have nice active shade that is same as production render. It's not about making them look bad(they giving their best i guess) they have partnership with nvidia and right now it is tight race in GFX business. You need Nvidia to run Arion but you don't need Intel or AMD to run Corona, you are free to pick platform you prefer(per per watt) type of situations etc.
Corona look awesome when you compare it to Arion, but still lacking some fundamental things and cuz it's alpha it wouldn't be fair to compare it to other renders right now. Beauty is that is more and more functional as time progresses. But you have to wonder, is it graphic industry doing slow development on purpose for 3rd party SF makers or Corona devs. are fucking GODS when they menage to make something working much faster on something that should be 8-10times slower(GPU vs CPU)...
BTW. i am not saying that Corona is not for product viz etc. far from it. It's even faster but it doesn't have multi-layers, disp etc... and that is only reason why i am using Arion, or Vray.
So far is 2gtx for arion... around 1.5k euros and 600 or 550 for Arion License... and bitterness.
And Corona 0 to stir this pot of "fair developers" and let's say that someone even sponsoring it or god knows what kind of crazy theory but when you draw line it has bigger potential right now and it gets job done 95% of the time.
God knows whats next year hiding.

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