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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Project CAT_TAV_ST
« on: 2014-10-29, 23:36:19 »
Ahahahah :D wasn't my intention
Next one wouldn't be like that i promise, now you see what measures people take to sell houses... those pesky agents :D

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Project CAT_TAV_ST
« on: 2014-10-29, 21:37:27 »
You mean that white spots on window? hehe

Gallery / Re: Not only bedrooms and lofts!- Kitchens
« on: 2014-10-29, 20:48:37 »
Beautifully executed,  simple and clean. Good job!

Work in Progress/Tests / Project CAT_TAV_ST
« on: 2014-10-29, 20:40:43 »
This is just some close ups, no final images yet, too shame i have NDA for this so i can't show wider or some other "recognizable" shots, i even had to hide some of the stuff... boring...
Anyhow i am having problem with bucket render not setup wise as it is working nice on single machine but when i try DR it does random buckets... actually closes in explaining would be like first computer has done 5 passes, second 3, third 6 etc... so when image is done it gets all buckety :D ahahah
And i wouldn't even try bucket but this DOF is killing me! Uff...
I will continue adding images as i finish render as this is Final_Draft stage...
ofc they are Post-processed.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Siger various tests
« on: 2014-10-28, 22:30:39 »
OMFG you given new meaning to the slate editor :D
Please can you limit your simple materials like gold, chrome or 10000 different shades of grey to a minimum :D in your corona release, and more of this rust BOO YAA in your face epic materials? (:

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Dr BUG again
« on: 2014-10-28, 10:22:37 »
@z8er that would "kill" your network... Let's say you have 4-5 nodes and they sync in 5 seconds... so much unnecessary traffic and processor time dedicated for that... 
Use map folder on your HD that will contain all maps used for current project that is visible to all machines and if everything is setup right you wouldn't have any problem at all.

Gallery / Re: Forest & Ocean
« on: 2014-10-18, 00:46:51 »
Well for most of people that do not have calibrated monitor this would look wtf? And that is more of a problem of them then it is yours as this printed out on glossy paper will be wicked.
Well if that wasn't your intention(for framing etc) it just shows your aesthetic approach works and talent ofc.
Usually people do not care about framing composition and as it is 3D they try to achieve something by moving objects in composition, instead searching for composition like you would do in real life. That tends to mess up frame more often then to correct it, as on subconscious level brain always search for patterns to replicate of what he finds proportionally ideal, as it is perfect way of being in conjunction with everything that has evolved since the beginning of time same as human perception of naturally occurring phenomena and things and finally our understanding of everything around us.
For instance there is unconfirmed story about architect I.M. Pei who was responsible for pyramid in Louvre that he done that just as he find it "pleasing to the eye" and that he didn't want to scale Great pyramid of Giza... I guess same as someone who done pyramids before him and same as there is similarly looking man made objects and observation on every corner of the globe. 
I think it is cool that you are respecting your talent but i think you will broaden your horizons even more if you are willing to understand on rational level why you do what you do if you are serious that you do not care and not just trolling ;)
As we mentioned in other topic, more or less people are able to replicate quite effectively everything technical, especially settings etc. so called tricks of the trade... but usually they do not have deeper understanding about why they find something appealing, actually very few.
Unfortunately based on my experience few people question something like that, and crazy part is that almost everybody on this planet is able to observe and notice something like that. Observation of proportions and bunch of other things(to keep it short :D) every brain is capable finding that "call it as you want" but far greater brains trough human history wasn't be able to do explain all this...   
Brain diarrhea. I won't do it anymore!
I need to act accordingly, what settings did you use, WOW did you used HDRI or Sun sky, is that PG HDRI :D ahahah

Gallery / Re: Beds Collection
« on: 2014-10-17, 23:48:06 »
Great work!

Gallery / Re: Forest & Ocean
« on: 2014-10-17, 23:46:45 »
Cool looking stuff! Why did you choose cinema like aspect? I now you had your reasons but if you care to share i find strange doing this for product viz.
Apart from that you are naming files in exact manner as i do and i find that trippy :D i have little observation regarding Image Forest_Vignette3 that is really annoying me.
Cutting out bed shade from the framing, that is something that draws in eye as it connects with image frame. Well that is why i have asked why did you choose this Aspect, i wouldn't find that strange that client has requested to be like that after you did final renders and that this i just residue from cropping all images in this aspect ratio. But since i notice you are parallel lines/golden ratio fetishist, i am not that sure. :D
Like mood you have in ocean images it feels like summer but i think that it lacks contrast just a little bit(i have monitor that is calibrated) It seems to me you have pushed highlights somewhat too much. At first when image is small it looks like you overblown HL but viewing larger(full size) you can clearly see that everything is preserved. So if you are by any chance using spyder calibrator and you have set your monitor to 150cd(measure by calibrator) raise it up to 200cd :)

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 23:22:42 »
Guys sorry for long posts!
I am speaking generally about how sometimes people tend to trash someone if he is asking something that is to 90% of people here pretty obvious. And that is happening in real life also, but people don't act on that with slapping him in face or spitting(well someone does)...
I do agree with you(i will say this one more time) i know you didn't plan to answer as you did but sometimes well... I don't think you are dick and since we are heaving this conversation that is pretty much confirming you.
And it is no coincidence that 99% of forums have rules marked !!!READ THIS BEFORE YOU POST!!! but no one is reading them and now we are debating about how some people ask stupid questions.
Or something from excellent post Rawalanche wrote, so who are we kidding here. Either accept reality that you will face such person but instead of stupid looks you have in real life and rolling your eyes etc. you have every right to scroll down.
I personally do not have any problem when someone is telling honest opinion as there is people here that are finding long post confusing etc. but there is one occupation who needs to please everyone(no not whore, dirty minds on you :D) actually it is. And if base my thought on that no way i will waste a sec. of my life writing anything just so i could please masses.
But forum is ffs could it be more obvious ...a forum was a gathering place of great social significance, and often the scene of diverse activities, including political discussions and debates, rendezvous, meetings, et cetera...
And if you go out and tell someone in face as i said earlier things you said you can expect anything. And as i do like corona as it is more or less rebellion i do want this forum to become like that(that is why i reacted originally here), and not like troll faced community, well lets say i have lost Brazil long time ago i don't have to lose this...

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 21:57:18 »
Ufff, yes it is confusing, i am kinda under some pressure "need to do things this minute" sorry if i was confusing to you.
I do agree with your POV and actually with LV to some extent but he doesn't have to be rude but i understand how frustrating that can be, i always remember one pearl of this community and i will paraphrase that question "How to get cars on the ground?" ahahaha :D Tell me that something like that don't put smile on your face?
And let that be answer to your question.
Photography is not that much to be observed as technical thing it is more subjective then objective so from that point it is somewhat different from 3D, and i will agree with you one more time as helping someone who deserve to be helped is good thing, but that someone could read such shit answer and what then? You will be better ignoring silly question then to go all the way and tell some bad words to someone.
I do think that this is good thing, what is happening right now(this discussion) and like with so many good things they do not choose time or place and they happen spontaneously. LV has apologized and said that he overacted and that is positive so i have nothing bad to say about it right now he is human and everybody can make mistake.
People should help other people especially if it is knowledge! If he doesn't like question he doesn't have to answer it, if someone is asking stupid question that someone will realize it sooner or later when no one answer to it. Then he will maybe try alternative and google-it(not in relation to Italian google :D) and then maybe find out that he needs to learn some basics first etc.
I am just saying that from your or LV POV that is stupid question but from POV of other guy(one that was asking it) he does not even realizing how stupid question is so you do not have to emphasize that, you wouldn't benefit anything, or maybe you do benefit if you tell someone that openly how stupid he is?
And yes people do tend to ask "what lens did you use?" that is most common question man(lens pride you can't wait for someone to pop that question :D) But most of those things you gave as example are already in exif(except standing, even that with geo tagging :D) and i have to disappoint you but all those questions are answered, maybe you are visiting wrong forums.
Creativity is whole another topic here... Asking someone who knows something that you don't is not creative steal, fact!
I can ask you for instance, how did you achieved lighting condition in "place name of any of your work here" and you answer me something like, that you used negative gamma to have sharper shadows, used full spherical sky etc. And you did explain all this so i am using it like example.
So that is directly helping me to realize mistakes i have made and thus making me better artist to some extent. So you are cool guy for helping me and others!
B)You could also ignore question. No one even notice that you have ignore question or maybe it does but fact is that you do not have to explain to other people your decision if that doesn't affect them.
C)Tell me openly how stupid i am for even asking such stupid thing, and be complete dick about it.
Now you should know since you write that tutorial how that is benefiting you, i am sure that someone is dare to ask you to give him whole scene, i am sure someone is unable to replicate same results etc. does that makes you bad teacher(who knows maybe if no one understand it) but sure it doesn't make you bad person. And since the beginning of civilization people tend to steal from other people, that is nothing to be scared about especially if it's naive thing as asking someone to provide you freely... So i am not even sure why i am writing this last bit and why it's even on the topic here? OOOOOOOH i know why cuz people tend to generalize whole situation and say that something like that do only people from "overpopulated countries" India, China... And that is BAD SHIT same as claiming that only black people do crime in America... And telling me that Americans and Europeans are to righteous is BS. I was scammed for money from Americans and Europeans also. And not to mention cradle of piracy Bulgaria that is in Europe, largest and most popular servers for pirated shit is in Scandinavian countries(Europe) so wft? Indian, Chinese no good?
But since you asked to consolidate my train of thoughts here they are, if you do not like stupid questions, do not answer to them in stupid way or else you will participate in that stupidity if you try to level with the guy answering in stupid manner.
If you want to help someone, help him and do not expect that your picture will be next to pope in Vatican. Lots of people have too much ego, pride or power crave so usually they write "time is money bitch" that doesn't help anyone.
Everyone think for their work that is "up there" but usually doesn't make it so, so if you are the one criticizing in it have that in mind, and you better do somewhat good job or it will sound like you are not confident in your own work if you give vague critique so more or less it is trying to achieve boosting your own work buy trashing work of someone else(and in 99% cases that is the reason) especially on the internet as you will just show how actually pussy you can be.
And i do feel bad when i see that, but hey it is what you get when you have billions of people roaming around internet instead of couple hundred millions 10 years ago... It is kinda tight.
I dno't see where do you get that black and white seeing things? Things i write is part of total randomization it's not even millions shades of grey but billions, but i can't let someone trashing someone and if that makes me seeing black and white then i do not mind, and usually gallery section everywhere and i do mean everywhere on net from FB to Collections on Getty stir up discussion of this type. And that is positive as long as you have civilized type of conversation.
Being scarred is wrong approach and usually creative people tend to build up such things in their heads(i will guess as they are creative even when they tripping :)) And i do not see where is that part of someone stealing from someone else in this topic, but i don't mind conversation on that theme.  Yes he will tell him it is PG hdri and that he has contrast set to 3, that he set EV to 3.5 and HC to 7 BOOO HOOOO he will steal all his glory.

Off-Topic / Re: Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-16, 19:47:45 »
I apologize for hijacking...
What is copy of someone else work? Everyone is using almost same approach to bunch of things these days, so i do not see problem when someone at least ask especially if that question is about "little tricks" and people should share their knowledge and help others. I do not see that as a problem. Yelling that everyone who ask rude question "Can you share scene" is coming from developing countries(originally much stronger language was used) is generalizing and negative kinda "i am fed up with those people"...
Apart from this negativity i share your train of thoughts about how people should realize and at least try and learn for themselves and as Juraj mention what happened to photography in last couple of years... But that is nature of how  people do things... And it is just ripple caused by enormous influx of people that are starting to get interest in photography when photography went digital, i know right now it's kinda devolving all principles as people tend to think if it's partly automated and "that is nothing special..."  You basically have hordes of newcomers asking all kind of questions and if you ask them question what is exposure or ISO they will have no clue. But they still want to know much complex things(not right order but what can you do)!
I wouldn't agree that no one is willing to help someone that is learning... There is plenty of people out there answering same questions that you could learn yourself if you have read camera manual not to mention other stuff...
As i do agree that photography is not just holding camera or even knowing gear etc...
Same as 3d is not just single clicking render button and pretend that you are expert if you place viz_people books or using evermotion models...
And everyone have right to ask stupid question.
So if you know something that someone else don't and do not want to share you should at least pretend to care for the sake of someone else that is willing to learn in right order and he will maybe pop up much better question next time.
Sooner or later people that want instant solutions will quit or realize that he need to learn basic things first this is from the dawn of men, and nothing is changes except we have much open and sometimes cruel responses as we are kinda cocooned in the safety of the internet. 
And yes there will always be some bitches who will not say thanks or behave ill mannered, but if everyone decided to "i am not helping anymore" That reminds me of "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" situation.
I am telling you all this as i have searched here shitload of times answers and if anyone(everyone) was reacting like you i wouldn't have answers to so many things... And maybe to you seems stupid cuz you know all this but who knows maybe someone is heaving trouble with something, or he wants confirmation of some sort etc...   

Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-13, 18:12:53 »
I dont agree with you Coronaut but i agree with Juraj and i wasnt throwing shit on this guy at all and it was not offensive or personal  i even say the exterior image was best to the guy ? didnt i ?
After all the guy himself making those images this thread is about him and not you right ?
Sorry, i do not want to go further criticizing your critique. I know you wasn't bluntly offensive but as i said your words have some weight to them same as Juraj's, if you do not realize that, too bad. You do not have to agree to me but it seems to me that you miss understood some of the things i wrote "throwing shit" doesn't mean actual shit(bad things) but more of any line of text critique etc... Anyhow if you do not get it i wouldn't get in any more confrontation with you about your critique.
Yes tread is about his work, already say that and i did apologize to the man!

Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-13, 17:35:02 »
Yes it is not directly offensive and it is critique but it was not constructive, but as i am sure you notice how people here follow everything you say, that is when it start to get tricky, Your influence(or his) is big, and same as if you say something positive tend to be more "worthy" in any ones eyes, same is when you have something negative to say it can be far more damaging to someone, especially if you do not explain your critique. People are able to understand anything as long as you explain to them, like you did that, you gave opinion and little explanation(it is at all comment not essay on why you do not like it)
Gorodkov, me or anyone else will have something far grater then comment, if that is Constructive Critique or you will get bad reputation. And maybe it wouldn't matter to 90% of people but does it make right?

Gallery / Re: WHITE HOUSE
« on: 2014-10-13, 17:10:53 »
Hey, guys
Stop stop :)))))
 because this work is not ideal , i khow, but I'm pleased it has caused so many disputes.
I don't pretend to be the best 3d peoples on the world, but I'll be there trying.

Thanks for the tip about my work
Sorry mate about hijacking your topic like this, totally out of line... but when it happens it happens.

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