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Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-02-18, 13:07:48 »
So you enjoyed it so much and did so many great renders with it, yet once it goes commercial you won't have 20EUR/month to spare on it?
I can't wait 1.0 enough just i am not sure will 1.0 be out by the time Alpha 7.2 expires i hope it does so i can switch but i will continue with vray and if by any chance 1.0 is delayed i do not end up with something i can't use mid project.

Gallery / Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-02-17, 22:47:03 »
Finally this project has come to half completion :D and since corona will expire in few days i am back to old engine :( this is sort of farewell for Alpha 7.2.
full half project at behance

Alpha 7.2 all settings default.
What to say except, developers thanks for this nice engine.


Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-09, 19:49:03 »
Thx, i mean i used "true" power of bulbs etc. for instance 10w dimmable spot is about 560lm at 4000k, i have setup done in that manner.

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-08, 22:55:37 »
HDRI for main source light, few buildings outside(as it is like that) to block out some of the light. Lights inside real luminous power and that is basic light setup.

Modeled herringbone with small help of floor generator with offset(fifth of the length) rotate to align to right angle, rotated other side or every second row of herringbone and manually offset to match, used unique matID to assign new ID.
Used large stone textures that match requested texture opened up photoshop equalize luminance on textures in question made them seamless even though i didn't needed to do that except for later use... cut out lots of smaller images(individual tiles) to match dimensions of tiles, color matched to required material from sample, batch processed every step to ease up this ordeal, made reflection, glossy, bump map etc. imported to multi texture, tweaked about forever to get what i want, and that is about it.

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-08, 13:00:04 »

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-07, 10:31:33 »
I did.

Gallery / Re: Swedish Apartment
« on: 2015-01-06, 19:58:44 »
Cool, i like how you balanced light in images, chrome, cloth... everything :D
btw. random control didn't close forum you just need to register.

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-06, 19:50:12 »
Original renders are over 20mpix those you see here are resized to 1500x1500(for web) not that they are noisy full size but it does help even more.
Default settings, it cleans up around 100-120 passes but it gives more details as you leave it longer, no tricks.   

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-05, 14:13:53 »
Thank you Roland! Yes Chandelier is commercial model you can find it on DC.
Thx, happy new year to you too!

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-05, 10:17:16 »
Thanks guys!

Gallery / Re: Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-04, 16:23:22 »
Thanks! Def. settings(didn't use buckets) from 6.000.000 to 12.000.000 rays, depends on setup with DR(small render farm) 400pass per image it was around 3 to 6 hours for 21mpix.
Left one preview shot 2k x 2k on 4930k OC to 4.2ghz and it was just over 4 hours. 

Gallery / Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-04, 15:47:34 »
Residential conversion.
Rest of it on Behance

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-11-06, 14:12:21 »
I will collate all this:
BOX: 1ws+5nodes=700+99+99 subscriptions so it is 900 + if i am not mistaken subscription for BOX is 99per year per license as i need 2 of them... combined costs for 3 years is 1300euros. Anyhow it is still cheap for this product. If i decide not to update after one year i will end up with release 1.0 and some updates or fix and i will be able to use that forever just for 350+99 or 700+198 if i buy 2 license for extra nodes.

SAAS: 24.99 month(1ws+5nodes) x 12= 300e x 3years it is 900euros. 300e per year with all updates, soon you decide not to pay anymore from whatever reason your license will expire and you wouldn't be able to work anymore with Corona. So basically this is renting with so much benefits that are good enough to reconsider choosing this option.

If this calculations are so disrespectful. Then this bellow is even more disrespectful then.

If you are what you say You are, and you are willing to give opportunity to someone(buyers) to punish you by choosing not to subscribe anymore and take his business somewhere else. This is your BIGGEST selling point, right?
Why there is double price(double as in i need to pay double license) for BOX when in fact is the same? Could it be as they(buyers) would have fully functioning version of corona and still be able to punish you if something goes south but instead of nothing they will be able to work with it?
Why don't you place your money where your mouth is and offer BOX at same price or proportionally higher by adding more nodes or at least option for upgrade node license same as SAAS have?

Option to choose for myself to upgrade every year voluntarily and stay with you and support you as developer on basis that you are offering better and better product, as you claim you will and probably you will... Then i probably wouldn't question your determination to be fair to anyone using your product.
That is why i think SAAS is pushy...
Now i get that there is other side of the coin(your side) as you do not want to get fucked over by piracy or whatever, but i can't offer you anything else except supporting your development by purchasing your software if everything is working so i do not end up my support and i do think that is fair arrangement.
SAAS provides your security but making end user being dependent of you and not owning anything and it is better agreement right now but since there is nothing absolute in life then nothing guarantees me that you will sell your business and eventually leave us with 3rd party or whatever that comes to your mind.

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-11-06, 13:16:47 »
Fanatic post? And with no respect to your work... since you are pushing someone in something he doesn't want like subscription. I never said anything disrespectful to you or corona and not only that but it is quite opposite, and only thing that pokes my eyes now is when i have opinion that is differ then your suggestion of 3 render nodes and few more questions it is like "no respect to our work and i want to sell and retire"
Giving promise is one thing and good for you that you can keep them but making someone accepting it is another... I do see BOX model as ugly sister of a bride offered so you do not think too much what you will pick...
Lay it down on paper sum it up and everything should be clear and clearly SAAS is better...
Pricing is fair and 700e is still bargain(even for box) and it would be bargain even for SAAS, but there is small amount of BS going on here like false competitor BOX and it is so ridiculous that punishes people who want to invest in your development at start and support your developing and willing to pay upgrades every year. Only thing they want is copy of fully working RS for a year that will be usable even if something goes wrong or whatever reason might be.

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-11-06, 11:54:00 »
OK, i read right trough it, everything is pretty well explained...
NOW i have issue with Box license, you only offer 3 render nodes? So you want to tell me that is fair that i give you money up front with no options for upgrade unless i want to pay subscription of 99e per year and then i have to pay upgrade to any other major release 2.0 or 3.0 and so on?
I want this RS to succeed and i am willing to go with BOX as that is best way to support developers from start, i can go over no updates, additional subscription but 3 %$@#*&! render nodes, are you kidding me? So just cuz i have more then 3 RN i need to go SAAS? How is that fair.
And i know those updates sound good but i never ever do updates unless they are major fixes and i need them ASAP in middle of the project. So personally that it is small benefit to me.
Please reconsider those ridiculous number(3) of render nodes in BOX model to something more reasonable... I know it is thin line and you do not want to offer 10 free render nodes forever so someone could use them for large farms but 3 nodes is too low, and your official solution is to buy another license for WS just so i could use it for render nodes...  Or to change my settup by upgrading nodes and adding more processors per computer thus making my nodes efficient perf. per watt in long run(Electricity, storage, heat and so on)...
I know 349 makes it cheaper then other RS but 3 render nodes :D i know i keep obsessing... 
Edit: after all those links(it is changed... etc.) You can go SAAS 24.99 1_WS + 5_RN doesn't say for how much as it is promo, or if you choose not to pay one month or if that license expire do you pay regular price or it still stays same... 300e per year free upgrades and all kind of stuff
BOX: 2 License so you could use lets say 5 nodes and one WS that is with promo discount 700e per year... You get fix but not major updates...
Not fair deal, you are pushing me in SAAS territory... Actually i don't know who will in his right mind go for BOX unless he doesn't care. Why you have Box at all then, as false competitor?

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