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[Max] Feature Requests / Global lighting saturation toggle
« on: 2023-01-16, 14:15:24 »
When working with materials, it's important to have the lighting as close to neutral as possible, but it's not easy to do when you're working in a scene with many light sources and different light types, therefore i'd like to propose a global light desaturation switch. I think it could be located in the render setup, scene tab, next to render overrides. When activated, it would desaturate any light source, including mesh lights, HDRI, sun&sky and neutralize the scene lighting. I think many would find such override quite useful.

I sometimes orient simple plane to the camera and link it to its target, so i would have nice focal plane representation in the viewport. It helps a lot in heavier scenes, or when DOF is not shallow enough to reliably judge position of focal plane from the render. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have such feature natively in Corona camera? It would also help in cases when one wants to use focus override and the plane trick doesn't help anymore.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Spline scatter on surface
« on: 2022-11-06, 12:11:45 »
I would love to see spline scatter mode enhanced by the option to project instances on surface. The projection could be performed in spline's local Z direction (preferably), or in world selectable direction. I imagine UI for the feature could look something like in attached screenshot. Such feature would be very useful in many practical scenarios.

Could someone with maxsript knowledge could help me and write two simple macroscripts to decrease and increase simple exposure by 0,333 EV? I never use photographic exposure and i rarely even use a camera, so one of the most disappointing thing with the new tone mapping in Corona for me, is that it became much less convenient to quickly adjust exposure with my workflow. So many clicks are needed for such a simple task :[ I figure that couple simple scripts which i could assign to keyboard shortcuts, would make my work much more convenient.

[Max] Bug Reporting / UVW randomization issue
« on: 2022-10-20, 15:28:34 »
I tried to setup atlas texture randomization in decals, but i found that UVW randomizer gives unexpected results if decal mode is used in conjunction with mesh element mode. The setup works with either of those modes alone.

Select any UVW randomizer map in the attached scene and turn on/off mesh element mode. Watch how result is breaking when both decal and mesh element modes are on. Don't mind the missing bolts - that is by design.

P.S. i'm not sure, but i think i did similar setup in the past and there were no issues with it, so it could be that the bug is pretty recent.

[Max] Bug Reporting / UVW randomizer and CoronaMix issue
« on: 2022-10-15, 16:54:06 »
I found that if you plug CoronaMix in to UVW randomizer, the latter will change its randomization behaviour. Watch the video for details.

[Max] I need help! / How to add alpha to EXR
« on: 2022-10-12, 16:48:50 »
I have few photo-light exr which have black border. It looks bad in reflections, so i figured out that i could make opacity map, so the border become invisible in render. I painted mask in Affinity Photo, saved the file as exr with alpha channel and loaded it in Corona light material. It kinda works, but the problem is, that as soon as i enable opacity, the exr in light material becomes much more contrasty and significantly brighter. If i save opacity map as separate 8bit file and load it into light material's opacity slot, then it works perfectly and doesn't affect contrast, nor brightness. The problem with this method is, that now i have 2 separate files and i don't like it for several reasons. Now the question - am i doing something wrong in how i author and save exr with alpha, or it's Corona that handles that alpha channel incorrectly?

[Max] Feature Requests / Base tale to affect clearcoat
« on: 2022-10-12, 15:55:04 »
I noticed that base tail parameter only affects base roughness and not clearcoat. In my mind it would make more sense if it would affect clearcoat too, afterall IRL when an object receives wear and tear, it primarily affects outmost layer's look and usually that's a clearcoat. Ideally we should be able to choose what layer should be affected by base tail - base, clearcoat, or both.

[Max] General Discussion / Anisotropy V Translucency
« on: 2022-09-22, 12:18:55 »
I wonder if i'm the only one who constantly confuses translucency with anisotropy in the physical material? I think their placement in current UI is unfortunate - i've lost count how many times i intended to set or adjust translucency fraction, just to be puzzled few moments later why my material looks so weird (that's because you've set anisotropy instead of translucency, dumbass!). I wanted to submit request to spread those two parameters further apart, so there would be less chance to mistakenly adjust wrong parameter, but if nobody else have this problem, then i guess i'll somehow have to live with that.

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