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Gallery / Olympic Man by Libra
« on: 2015-03-09, 19:30:19 »
Hi guys, i want to share with you personal project or object :D
Olympic man from Libra Company.
I did this model some time ago, i decided to rework it for corona render and share it with all people out there.
Textures are 8k x 8k, model is quad poly, around 600k, it is done in zbrush, exported to max and rendered with Corona 1.0.
It is real world scale, free for personal or commercial projects.
Link to behance:
Link to the model:
It is just uploaded please let me know if there is something wrong with download link.

Gallery / Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-02-17, 22:47:03 »
Finally this project has come to half completion :D and since corona will expire in few days i am back to old engine :( this is sort of farewell for Alpha 7.2.
full half project at behance

Alpha 7.2 all settings default.
What to say except, developers thanks for this nice engine.


Gallery / Two Chairman
« on: 2015-01-04, 15:47:34 »
Residential conversion.
Rest of it on Behance

Work in Progress/Tests / Project CAT_TAV_ST
« on: 2014-10-29, 20:40:43 »
This is just some close ups, no final images yet, too shame i have NDA for this so i can't show wider or some other "recognizable" shots, i even had to hide some of the stuff... boring...
Anyhow i am having problem with bucket render not setup wise as it is working nice on single machine but when i try DR it does random buckets... actually closes in explaining would be like first computer has done 5 passes, second 3, third 6 etc... so when image is done it gets all buckety :D ahahah
And i wouldn't even try bucket but this DOF is killing me! Uff...
I will continue adding images as i finish render as this is Final_Draft stage...
ofc they are Post-processed.

Gallery / SLS amg
« on: 2014-03-26, 10:16:54 »
4 colors, different views.

Gallery / Light Simulation
« on: 2014-03-15, 20:07:15 »
Since the dawn of man... just kidding. :D
Here is something i did in last few days, finally i got some time to do something interesting(everyone say this so i had to...)
I have made this scene(staircase to my upper floor) just for one reason, to see how real, good, etc. light simulation is in corona.
Lighting is based on IES files of existing bulbs, no portals, no fake lighting, materials and surfaces are textured as they are, so there is no fake bounces.
Render PT+HD 32PTS everything def. except Exposure comp. 2 and highlight comp. 3.5 (i have raw image that i'm planing to upload later)
Post processing in Photoshop was to add lens Flare, tighten curves and levels and small white balance adjustment and also to give lens distortion, vignetting etc. since i have used regular max cam and it sucks as it lacks bunch of stuff... Also i had to guide by FOV on camera as 17mm in any camera in max don't have slightest resemblance to real 17mm...
Also i have done PT+PT and there was no visible or significant difference(at least on my preview resolution 1200x800)
Photo was taken with canon 5d lens 17-40 f4L on 17mm and as you can see its slightly different as it has some specific distortion, no flashes, no additional lights.
Critique and all kind of stuff are more than welcome.
I would just like to thank you to developers(Steve Ballmer style) :D
I will upload other images(with time stamps, raw, more photos) until then, main dish. 
Also i am planing in doing Arion version there is 2.7.6 beta available.

Gallery / Arabella Interior Portsmouth
« on: 2014-03-12, 10:55:09 »
Interior for client. Nothing special to say, lighting with HDRI and spots with IES.
Marvelous for cloth simulation.

Gallery / Arabella Court Portsmouth
« on: 2014-02-26, 10:22:14 »
Here is my latest project done in Corona. It is residential building in Portsmouth.
I have few more(clear sky, sunny etc.) Anyways it's around 230passes PT+PT around 11hours on i7-990x clocked on 4ghz in 4500x3000 resolution.
Almost forgot to mention its old alpha5.
C&C are welcome as always.
All best!

Gallery / PA_Apartments
« on: 2013-12-07, 15:56:27 »
Earlier project i have re-render in corona.
No more than 200passes per image... maybe one image but i didn't remember which one, anyhow average time was around 90min for bigger ones.
Changed light SubD multi to 2 for darker areas. Everything else more or less def.
Comments and critique are more than welcome.

Gallery / FewRevisited
« on: 2013-12-02, 01:29:51 »
Hi to all!
I've just find out(few days ago) about this free(wtf r u kidding me?!) plug-in. I was playing all day and i just can't get enough.
After reading bunch of stuff on this forum i have a feeling like i know less about it now :D Seems to me that every scene requires different setups and its insane how customizable is without all those "faking" parameters.
As i am old Brazil/Vray/Arion user i am amazed with speed as i dont think even Vray will produce such quality for that time.
First thing that comes to my attention is that it lacks physical camera settings as former photographer its hard for me to ignore that, on the other hand its ok as i can use VrayPhysicalCamera as it gives Tilt-shift option and that is something i couldn't live without at least for ArchViz.
Second thing is DR as i already have setup for it, but when i see how fast this is i wouldn't mind using one machine for working and other for rendering(old school)
I would like to see GPU accelerated rendering but if i compare this scene with Arion it wouldn't even come close.
Something about scene bellow or above :D i don't know how will forum setup this post.
This is something i have done earlier this year for Opera, i have converted it with, material converter(and yes i cant believe my eyes how fast that conversion is)
I have set up all new light rig as i didn't know there is light converter :D
Anyhow there is some glossy fireflies but i think that is cuz of sun(as it is visible) at least that was my "conclusion" but i also now(when i compare it to other renders) that less than 200passes is way to little.
I have imposed time limit about 30minutes, it is PT+HD
notable differences are MSI 10, Light SubDiv 0.01 C For First and Second
And for 3rd i've tried PTS24 with def MSI(20)
As image one does not have DOF i can notice how performance intensive that is.
All images are Post Processed but nothing crazy.
All best

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