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Hi all
It's impossible to calculate a selection with the mode "viewport selection" in Render selected tab.
I've checked with this quick tip ( but my screen result is still black.
Render without selection is ok (see below)
Thanks for your help

Hi all
I know that there are a lot of topics on the Corona DR but I don't find the solution to resolve my problem.

When I want to add a new slave in the DR menu, I click on "from file" and select a "ip-address.txt" where my ip is shown (, because when I click directly on "search lan" nothing happens.
But when I click on "search lan" the address disappears.
I don't know how to make some other actions (I've read "How to use Distributed Rendering?" on the helpdesk but I've not found any solution.

Could you help me ?
Thanks a lot

Gallery / The brick house
« on: 2017-01-12, 09:56:26 »
Hi all
Here is a personal project of the courtyard of a town house, where we might like to live...
I've tried to get as many realistic elements as possible.
All the vegetation is made with GrowFx.
Thanks for your comments

Gallery / Wood kitchen
« on: 2016-12-16, 14:41:35 »
Hi all
A long time I haven't post some work here in the gallery.
Here are some from a personal work. Nothing really difficult and amazing, only raw renders from 1.5 (LUT correction "Noir_off_day").


[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Corona SUN&HDRI
« on: 2016-12-15, 18:46:52 »
Hi all
I've found this script witch find and bind the sun to an HDRI, but it's only for VRay...

As there are a lot of amazing artists here who are so talented in scripting, I was hoping of this kind of script for Corona...
Hope I've posted in the right category ;-)

Hi All
As usual when I want to stop a render I click on "Stop" and the render is finished.
But today there is a big problem : I click on Stop (or Cancel, it's the same result) and the render is going again : Building ACC Structure, Computing secondary GI, Rendering initial pass and render the image again and again.
I can't stop it, only when I close the application (3dsMax)...

I have the last Corona version 1.2.
Is it a known problem ?

Hi !
This is an amazing new option in Forest Pack Pro (beta version 4.3.2b) but it's, for the moment, only available for VRay.

It's an easy way, just in changing the boundary checking (in Areas Tab) from Point to Edge, to have grass, flowers etc. in very small areas, or simply in straight edges, like I did here.
I really really hope to have this option available for Corona as soon as possible.
Here is the topic I had with Itoo developers :

[Max] I need help! / Problem with clean displacement
« on: 2014-11-20, 15:16:22 »

I've tried an exercise with some displacement map and it seems that I have some problems with the renders.
I looked at a solution here but with 4 pages about displacement and some solved problems I didn't find mine.

I try to make some clean edges displacement but here is the result I always have.
The map is a clean grayscale TIFF, saved in 32bits format (tried in 8bits, the same result).
I've lowered the level of the map's blur to 0,01, and filtering to none (same results with blur to 1.0 and filtering to default)
Do you have any solution ?

Thanks a lot

Gallery / Playing with DOF
« on: 2014-11-06, 08:43:22 »
Hi all
As Pedro said a few days ago about DOF, and its very easy implementation into the workflow, I wanted too to try some renders with it.
I don't want to make a render pass, it never gives the true effect, so here are two images with DOF, each 1h30 for 2000pix (GI/AA 20, MSI 100).

Hi !
A lot of people in CG know Matt Guetta, for his implication in the development and selling of VRay.
His blog is a very good support for VRay but for all the artists, who can find a lot of information about our business.
The forum is very active and Matt has opened yesterday a new section about Corona, where we will speak (in French) about this renderer, and publish our works and wips.
Here is the link, and I hope we will be a lot to participate to the discussions ;)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Skylight Portals
« on: 2014-10-09, 11:33:39 »
Amazingly, but with portals with some of my scenes noise goes 4 times faster!
... I want to try, but I don't know how to make a portal in Corona... Could you help me ?

Gallery / Blue appartment
« on: 2014-10-08, 18:34:57 »
Hi to the Corona army ;)
Latest order from one of my customers, one of two apartments in a real estate transaction (with some non-requested closups).
3dsMax 2014, Corona A7.1, Photoshop CC
I know the camera focal is enormous, but I had to show all the space...

More Corona projects here :

I've just began to work with the Alpha6 today and tried to import a VRay scene to Corona.

But when I want to convert my shaders there is a crash of the converter; here is the highlighted line in the script (when I click on "Start Converting")
      r.emissionOn = (if (origMtl.useSelfIllumColor AND origMtl.selfIllumColor != (color 0 0 0)) OR origMtl.selfIllumAmount != 0 then true else false)

And then I wanted to try the LightConverter V0.06 but it bugs too (directly when I run the script)
      CorLight.sphereRadius = orignLight.size0

Hope it will help, but I can't work with Corona for this project...

I have a big problem when I want to render a higher image than 5000pix large.
Last was that night with a 5500*3500pix that I've launched yesterday and this morning is was always the "rendering initial pass".
The memory used was 10512Mo and I couldn't stop the render, just shutdown the computer.

My computer is a HPZ600with 12Go RAM, 2 intel proc 2.40Ghz on Windows 7.
Corona version is AlphaV5.
Is there anyone which have the same problem, because I have finished this professional project and have to post my renders to my customer !
Thanks a lot for the help

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Converter crashes
« on: 2013-11-20, 15:46:31 »
Don't know if this problem has ever been done here, but I still have a problem with the VRay to Corona converter, only but always when I want to convert a group of objects. It crashes and open a crash window in Max (never crashes Max).
Windows send this part of message : replaceInstances obj.material m (lign 1260)
Hope it helps...

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