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[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Corona tension map!
« on: 2015-08-11, 17:26:20 »
I kindly request a small but maybe useful stuff for Corona.
A tension map to be used mainly for skin deformation rendering.
Imagine a surface gloss or reflectivity or anisotropy (in UV coord) that change using tension or contraction of a mesh like human skin does.
CoronaTensionMap must compare the current deformation of a mesh with a reference state and generate relative compression and expansion in form of a grayscale or color ramp.
That info could be usefull to modulate certain effects (skin).
Sorry if this is waaaay too specific implementation, but i loose nothing asking kindly. XD.

As Corona need Gamma/LUT=2.2 and taking in to account that from 3DS MAX 2014 and above the output file gamma is not accesible easily, i propose that changing renderer to Corona must set automatically Gamma/LUT to 2.2 (or 2,2 depending on system settings)
AND check for "FileOutGamma=2.2" if changed.

Or at least in the VFB a warning or a way to set that accordingly to avoid issues.

Corona version: 1.00.01, Maxsdk version: 2014

Build timestamp: Feb 26 2015 11:16:46
Defines: Wide RGB

Fresh installation. Reset Settings applied. Gamma/LUT in max 2,2

Unexplicably images are saved with incorrect gamma. Never happened before daylies or previous versions.

Frame buffer on right,  left  is saved one.

NEWS: If i save using gamma override = 3,2  (curiously 2,2 + 1,0) it saves visually aproximate.

Build timestamp: Jan 19 2015
Corona version: Daily build pre-1.0, Maxsdk version: 2014

Changes on material editor does not get reflected automaticaly in Interactive rendering, viewport must be "moved" in order to update.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Carpaint material.
« on: 2015-01-19, 15:32:27 »
I'm going to drop this post here... and back away slowly.

As recently saw in a featured post here.

Material setup is a colored reflective material with some glossines  in a ablend with highly reflective only material using fresnel fallof.

I noticed if you stop rendering after clearing up noise it came up as a nice "flakes" carpaint material so... i'm wondering.

Can these concept be an idea to create flakes carpaint material?... meaning a spinner that controls the amount of final noise and size of it (and even color variation) in glossines for a material for use as flakes?. Maybe the noise can be usefull to something at last.

So lets say... for this material i dont want the noise in reflections go away cause i intend to use that as flakes covered by a layer of a more reflective material that sort of mask out those noise to pass as some kind of "glitter", and of course the ability to randomly assign a random color variation to that noise...

It can be that hard cause all are there already, and by default the gloss noise always stays longer than the rest.

Just wondering.

Check image 1 stoped has some noise flakes "cool"
image 2 fully render time... noise cleared up. "not so cool"

Interactive rendering with volumetric matrerial applied.
Crash on material drag and drop change.
It seems scene specific relative to Phoenix FD. Can't reproduce in simpler scene.

Build timestamp: Jan 18 2015 02:02:40
Corona version: Daily build pre-1.0, Maxsdk version: 2014

As it states.
The Ability to convert a CoronaScatter to mesh.

Small typo in UI from materials.

Build timestamp: Jan 15 2015 21:37:05
Corona version: Daily build pre-1.0, Maxsdk version: 2014

Playing with realflow simulations i found this weird behaviour:
Normal scene, all settings at default, only motion blur enabled, same frame just varying the shutter speed.

.bin mesh file sequence imported and meshed with Frost.
Motion blur enabled, fixed camera.

Same frame, different shutters speeds, animation speed in max: 30 fps.

Interesting is that mesh is created from scratch every frame (Is not the same geometry from frame to frame).

Corona applies a motion blur from a shutterspeed of 30+plus 1 (no motion blur in 1-30 shutterspeed interval). Below 30 just renders a frame a couple of frames before current.

Build timestamp: Jan 15 2015 21:37:05

As stated in title

Windows 7. 3dsmax 2014.

Well i have read a lot about this in the forums.

An image with embedded alpha channel cant be used directly both as diffuse and opacity map.
If you try to do it max can actually read the alpha channel and apply as opacity BUT is like they get the greyscale of that map messed up.

The whites are not treated as whites and asume that blacks neither, cause there are some semitransparent parts where there should be completely opaque ones.

It ocurres to me that has something to do with a gamma issue (no clue) is just i have been reading a lot about  filmic tonemapping and how shaders are writen and there are a lot of issues if the gamma correction is applied and where is applied. (I'm not expert whatsoever just generalist curious talking so dont kill me).

So i wonder... if there is a way max can output a channel out of a image like just R, G, B ,A values? so i can experiment with just the alpha channel of the image?.

The answer is yes, the ColorCorrect node has an option to output selectively a channel of your choosing.


So i created a material with a targai image that has alpha channel and put the map to both diffusse  and opacity. As expected the opacity are interpreted in a distorted fashion as always. And every combination of the alpha interpretation that max have just make it worse.

So i lineup a colorcorrect node between the texture and the opacity, i let only the alpha channel trough... in the preview looks like a normal map no issues there but behaves differently.
So next step i choose advanced and try to counter the gamma (i asume got messed up double time).
As no expert whatsoever i try correct to 2.2 using the slider... not enough. So i instintively bumped til 4.48 (2.2x2.2 cause it could be that gamma where applied twice somewhere... )  and it works like intended.

So my question for the technician experts or anyone who knows.

Is this a Corona related bug interpreting the gamma of an image format... like puttin (1/2.2) in a weird place?...
Is this a completely unrelated to gamma and i just get lucky?...
Is this a Max issue?... cause in other places they claim that Vray doesn't have this problem.

THe post that gave me the idea to mess with gamma was and was related to a discussion here on forums by Juraj about tonemmaping

Greeting from Chile.

PS: The image has a 1000 as gamma correction cause was my first try. Dont take that number in account it should say 4.48.
PS: i know its a known bug or limitation just i'm wonder if this could be a solution or i'm tottaly off rails. XD.

CoronaCamMod has different naming properties exposed in Wireparameters that modifier rollout.
Check attached picture.
Corona V7.2 (common people version). :D


Opening scene->  "render setup".

This message pops, after click on "accept" the rollout opens (no hassle) and error dissapears forever.

Corona 7.2
Merry Christmas!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / CoronaLight with IES Visibility issue
« on: 2014-11-19, 17:17:32 »
A CoronaLigth with IES file  shows black (all types sphere rectangle disk cilinder) when Visible directly on and its necessary to unthick "occlude other ligths" or "visible directly" to hide his geometry.
It could be useful in some cases to show the emitting geometry but black?.(that makes no sense).
Visible directly has no use it seems for light with IES?

Off-Topic / Project Rosseta. Landing on a comet.
« on: 2014-11-11, 14:00:36 »
Just out of my head.
Did you know that were about to land on a comet in a few hours?.

In space there are no secondary bounces, look at this flickr account with photos of the comet.

They even do a short film to promote that. (I mean why on earth they need that to promote it?... people are seriusly dumb this days).
Not a valid vimeo URL

Slingshot a satelite in to the void so after 10 years it can headshot a comet. I defy any sniper to best that!. ;)

(Wonder if there are some video footage so i can manage to do some photogrammetry reconstruction of it it would be a cool 3d model to print).

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