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You're welcome!

Sorry, but nothing was changed, new computer was installed, project copied from old with Corona 4 to new with corona 9, everything other was not changed.

Sorry, but that's not how proper comparison should be done. If you're comparing old pc vs new pc with different Corona versions, then it's quite possible that the reason of slow rendering is not in hardware. Since Corona 4 is very old, it could be that something went wrong with render settings and the scene is not representing full speed of Corona rendering. Did you at very least tried to reset render settings? If you want fair comparison, install Corona 4 on the new pc and render the scene. On the other hand, most simple solution was already suggested to you - run Corona benchmark and compare your result with other entries, then you will know for sure if there's something wrong with your new pc, or it's just your measuring methodology is flawed.

I am attaching two examples made with Multimap in Object GBuffer ID mode: monitors (changing displayed image through object properties - per object, works with instances) and lamp on/off.
My question is: How is this less flexible / less convenient / causes some errors compared to using the requested user properties method?

Note: you do not have to open the material editor - this was one of the arguments in this thread.

That's very useful maru, but would it be possible to make the IR trigger automatically on object properties change? I tried to make similar setup today and couldn't understand why it's not working, until i realized that you need to restart IR.

Another issue that gbuffer IDs seems not to be working with decals, so maybe option to user properties to drive multimap selection still can be useful? Assuming that user property is working with decals.

And i have even more exiting idea how user properties could be very useful - how about utilizing them in exclude/include lists? The idea is that you could automatically include or include objects in various lists based on their user properties, without needing explicitly add those objects to any of those lists. One of numerous possible scenarios - you create new camera, open its include/exclude list, write something like exclude user property = "interior_1", "kitchen_props", "toilet" and any object that has those tags in their user properties will be automatically excluded from that camera. That would also apply to decals, lights, scatters, distance maps - anything that has exclude/include lists. I think this could be very powerful tool to have. What do you think?

You mentioned that you had to disable e-cores. I think it's expected that if you disable some cores, the overall performance will go down. The question is, why do you have to cripple down your CPU? I think Windows 11 should be able to handle new generation CPUs reasonably well. Maybe you need to install latest updates on your OS?

Did you try to run Corona benchmark and compare your result with the average time from the users with the same CPU?

Did you try to toggle denoiser on and off on rendered image to see if it's doing anything at all?

I don't see any noise in your render. Maybe you attached the wrong image?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Problem video flickering
« on: 2023-01-28, 10:31:37 »
I think that's not GI flickering, but rather a sampling noise shimmering. Check the status of lock sampling pattern checkbox in render setup>performance tab. You may want to enable it for this video. You can also increase filtering blurring for chair fabric textures and choose softer image filtering in render setup>system tab. The chair fabric and all video may look less sharp overall, but generally this is desirable for a video.

Renders fine here. I just downloaded USDZ file from your link, unpacked it, imported to a scene and hit render - no modifications were needed for it to work.

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