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Render freezes if Camera Physical Size is not 0


Hi All,

I experienced that in Max 2020 if I set any value bigger than 0 in the new Physical size parameter IR starts and CPU on 100% but nothing appears on the render and you can't stop or cancel rendering so only option to force close Max. I got confirmation from others that it's not an individual issue. Also no specific scene (it does that even with a simple plane with water material and the camera with a sun and sky system.


Hello there,

thank you for reporting this to us. I was able to reproduce the issue. It is already logged to our dev team.

(Internal ID=1148390217)

Hi, I seem to be having some crashing issues with the Physical Camera Size in the interactive render. If I enable the feature at size 0 it seems ok, but when I increase the size, I don't get the half in half out result and when I try to stop the interactive render the stop button hangs and 3ds Max crashes.

I believe this has been fixed in Corona 10 Hotfix 1 You can download it from here and test if it solves the issue for you:

Yep, that is one of the fixes in HF as romullus says. Do please install, everyone, since crash fixes are high priority for all users :) Thanks!


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