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Corona Decal not visible in masks

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Indeed it works. Why it works only with this setup though?

I'm not sure if it works only in this setup, it was the first thing that i tried and it worked - i didn't look further. Is there a reason why CMasking_ID is not good enough in your case?

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According to my tests, RGB, monochromatic, wirecolour and ID (with Material ID selected) don't work. Which they should. Sure, Mask ID (with instance ID selected) can do the job but that doesn't mean this isn't something that has to be checked and possible be fixed. What if I had to make RGB masks for animation for example?

Thanks for your help!


You're welcome! I don't have time to check other options now, but if you think that some masking options should work with decals, but they doesn't, you can report this in bug reporting board here on the forum, or open support ticket at Chaos help portal and the team will look at the issue.


Currently, Decals are only visible using the "CMasking_ID" render element (Only if the Instance ID option is used).

We already have a feature request logged in our system to provide extended support for the "CMasking_Mask" render element too.

(Internal ID=1109050825)


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