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Command Line Image Editor not respecting saved properties


Kevin Noll:

I'm trying to let Deadline export images from CXRs saved by Corona 9 from 3dsMax 2023.

What I do is:
--- Code: ---CoronaImgCmd.exe "src.cxr" "tgt.png" -e "LightMix Interactive"
--- End code ---

With that I'd expect to have the same output as opening src.cxr in the GUI editor and do nothing but saving the the LightMix element. Drom the output it does seem however that the command line editor ignores any tone mapping settings, which the GUI editor recognizes and activates just fine on startup as it was set in the frame buffer.

Is this expected behaviour and am I doing something wrong?

Aram Avetisyan:

This is a known and already reported issue - Corona Image Batch resets the tone mapping settings.
We will update you here when this is resolved.

(Internal ID=1066683792)


We have fixed this bug in v10 RC2 :)

You can find it here:




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