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Chaos phoenix not fully supported ?


I just installed phoenix 5.01.00 to test since it was packaged up with Corona premium. And I am getting an error saying its not supported and crashes 3DS Max 2022. What am I missing here I thought it was fully integrated since it was packaged up with Corona ?

Where can I download Chaos Phoenix 5.01.02 my chaos account only allows me to download 5.01.00 ?

Also the MY Chaos account is very confusing to use who set this up ?


With the Corona v10 daily builds you have to use a Phoenix 5 nightly build as there are compatibility issues with older Phoenix versions (which will be hotfixed in Phoenix in the future).

So to use the Phoenix version you have installed you'll need to roll back to Corona v9 HF1. Or to continute to use the Corona v10 dailies you'll need to download a Phoenix nightly.

Hope this clears things up :)



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