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Better render times for volumetric scattering

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Don't take me wrong, but 20 min for a 1K image on an i9 12900K is disappointing once we look at GPU render engines out there. The same image at 4K would take 5h and 30m or even more. That's out of question!
Do you think it's possible to reduce it considerably? Honestly, volumetric scattering in Corona is one of its treasures IMO and I would love to keep using it, but it impracticable the way it is.

Please send the scenefile otherwise it's impossible to tell anything oubout this.

Sure, here you are!

Hmmm, I had a quick look - but didn't notice anything obviously wrong with the set-up. And yes, it does render rather slowly! Sorry I can't be more useful

IDK, but I still think this is most advanced tech to render volumes physically correct. It's just the  nature of the game w/o shortcuts (bias/ray marching...) and GPUs struggle even more (for they lack of precision).


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