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Reflection slot of CoronaRaySwitch material affects GI

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If you have bright red carpet that you don't want to affect rest of the scene, then you can plug red material into rayswitcher's direct override slot and neutral grey material into all the other slots. Would that solve your issue?

Unfortunately, I have the wall mirrors and glass cabinets reflecting the carpet.

Anyway, for now I will use the suggested solution from you with double rendering. Thank you!

But my main question, is it a bug or intended behaviour? In my opinion, Reflection slot shouldn't affect the GI, similar to VRayOverrideMtl

Hope it will be fixed

Sorry, i can't tell if it's a bug (i suspect it's not), you will have to wait for response of someone from the Corona team.

Our team will look into this. I think it may be expected (something like what Romullus said: treating reflections as GI).

Thank you maru!

Looking forward for fix or feasible workaround of my problem with explanation of this behaviour



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