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Reflection slot of CoronaRaySwitch material affects GI

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The subject and the attached image should be self-explanatory
Is there any way to avoid it?


Are you sure that's GI and not reflection? Did you try to disable reflection on the sphere's material (set IOR to 1,0 for physical, or reflection to 0 for legacy)?

The image was showing CESSENTIAL_Indirect RE

Disabling the reflection is definitely not the right solution for me. But even with disabled reflection of sphere the CESSENTIAL_Indirect RE looks wrong. Please have the updated render with IOR=1.0 and test scene attached

Sorry, i didn't notice that it's indirect RE. Maybe Corona counts secondary reflection as GI, i don't know. I did similar setup as yours and find that you also need to set roughness to 0 in Corona physical material and then you should get indirect component without reflection influence, or simply use legacy material, which lets you turn off reflection completely. If losing reflection is not an option for you, then maybe consider render twice and compose the final image from render elements? In any case, it would be helpful if you could tell what are you trying to achieve, maybe there are alternative approaches.

I have the living room with the heavy red colour carpet in it. Obviously, I can't have the ceiling and the walls without reflection
I don't mind to see the red colour in CESSENTIAL_Reflect RE but please not in Indirect one.

If it's not a bug, how can I overcome it keeping the reflection and not rendering twice?
Or is it a bug? Because V-Ray behaves the predicted way


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