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A reflect / shadow issue



I have a weird problem and I can't put my finger on it.

As you can see, floor material is little reflective, and stool's shadow kinda acts like a mask (as least it looks like to me, this image doesn't look normal to me I mean), I have no idea why it act like this.

Any idea?

Can you explain what exactly seems wrong to you here?
To me, it just seems like an object casting a shadow from a small light source.

It may not be a problem. Basically I posted as a "Is there a problem here?" question, not as a "There's a problem, how can I fix this?" question.
As I said, it just looks a little off to me. I expected a little bit more blurry edges. I guess just my lights are too small.

I think the main reason is shadow is not (much) darker, it blends at bottom of the image.

Very small lights that are close to the subject, can indeed cast very hard shadows. That's physically correct. It's good practice to hide all lights and then unhide them one at the time while running IR. Observe how they impact the lighting and what shadows do they cast, see if certain lights needs to be adjusted in size and strength and in their position in the scene.


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