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Outline on Objects


Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone had these issues before, but some of my shapes in corona has black outlines when i render them. My render settings are pretty much default, I just change the size of the page and add denoising. If anyone is wondering, I model my models in sketchup and import it to 3ds max if this is a relevant information. Thankss

My first guess would be displacement. Do you have displacement on these materials? If so, are the objects properly welded?

yess, i do have displacement on the materials. and the objects are just planes that i pulled so i suppose it's properly welded. Any idea how im suppose to use displacement so it doesnt happen or should i just replace it with other materials?

You can easily check if objects are welded or not, for example by applying Push, Relax, or TurboSmooth modifiers.

If they are welded, you should not be getting this problem with displacement. It should just work.

Just remove displacement, judging by the renders, it gives zero benefit in this material/object combo. Add Corona rounded edges texmap instead - your render will look better.


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