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I've been looking through threads and cant see an answer for this but happy if someone can point me to it.

I'm getting fireflies on two materials in an interior shot. I've tested to see what is causing the issue and it seems to be geometry spotlights with a corona light material applied. The intensity of the light material is at 800 lowering this amount doesnt seem to effect the fireflies but if I turn them off then they disapear. The scene has a corona sun and an HDRI as it is both interior and exterior of architecture. I am using a low pass count under 30 for speed but increasing this doesnt seem to effect it. Ive tried altering the performance settings in render settings with out success.

I won't be able to send a scene file as it is cionfidential.

Would be great if someone could help


Hi there, the red flag for me is that 800 value! :0 Maybe this article will help you?


Discovered the issue. I had inadvertently added anistrophy to the material and the bump map was distributing it over surface making it look like fireflies.

Thanks for your help.


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