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Real-World Scale Maps do not work when plugged into bump converter


After following up and testing a post in an "I need help" post (

A map that uses real world scaling does not work when plugged into bump converter. It acts as if there is no bump map plugged in at all

The plane on the right uses real world map scaling with a map size set to 4m x 4m with real world scaling enabled in uvw map settings . the left regular planar mapping set to 4m x 4m with 1.0 map scaling.

Would love to see this addressed, and to be honest not sure how I personally hadn't noticed this before now.

Aram Avetisyan:

It actually works, but the bump strength needs to be increase significantly, x50, x100 etc.

And it has something to do with object size as well - 1x1cm plane with a bump map, with and without RWS and through CoronaBumpConverter is the same, while for a 1x1m plane, if CoronaBumpConverter is used, the strength needs to be increased to about 50.

Thanks for reporting this. It is logged now.

(Internal ID=1011969399)


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