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Weird alpha

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--- Quote from: caspian on 2022-11-21, 20:04:22 ---Nope. Just locally. In C4D. Tbh I have no idea what team render is.
Client has just nixed this artwork so I’m not stressed about resolving it right now.

--- End quote ---

I still have your scene on file. I will look into it again out of curiosity (or in case it comes up again with someone else). ;)

I managed to look into this but unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce it :( It might be a ''macOS'' related issue but I'm really not sure.

Could you please double check that you did not use interactive rendering? (even if it was in the VFB)

This is exactly what would happen if interactive rendering was running with the VFB cropped to some specific area on-screen.


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