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Weird alpha

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I'm rendering the alpha of large image (7050px x7050px) that is too large for the VFB window to show the whole image on my monitor. I didn't think it would be an issue. I stopped the render after a while as the UI told me the noise was under 2%. Opening the render in Photoshop it's a crazy mess. It seems to have only calculated the noise of the region that was in view at the time (the neck area in the image) — note there were no actual render regions. I'd use the +/- magnifying glass if the buttons work to fit the image in frame but they don't seem to work (at least on my Mac with this large window, is there a keyboard shortcut??)

Anyone have a suggestion? The convenience of rendering the alpha from the VFB is so much better than multi-passing it IYAM.

C4D 2023 / Corona 9 / Mac 12.6

Just to be sure - you were using Render and not Interactive Render? IR does only render what is on display in the window, while final render will render the whole image, or should at any rate :)

Yes. Not interactive.

Were you using Team Render? In the past, I've seen TR render the image in sections base on the cores. Some are faster than others. Just a thought.

Nope. Just locally. In C4D. Tbh I have no idea what team render is.
Client has just nixed this artwork so I’m not stressed about resolving it right now.


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