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Crash with OSL wParallax

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I can also confirm, the error occurs in max 2023 and corona9 (also vray6). 
Not sure if it is max problem, renderer problem, or osl (however, osl seems to work fine in previous versions).
I was doing different tests with different material setups, original wparallax material setups use multimaps, I have tried without and it crashes but less ofthen. 

A very strange thing is that wparallax original scene works perfectly fine with alot of constand tweaking and basically pushing everything to the limit, absolutely no crashes occur.  Only when importing the planes into a new project scene, then the crashes might occur, sometimes it works just fine, and other times just randomly crashes.   So, maybe the issue is with Material Edtior, because in a new scene, the materials are not yet loaded?

UPDATE: Just tested same scene in Max 2022 + Corona 9, there is no crash, works totally fine with all the tweaking of osl maps in material editor.

Hey there,

are there any updates on the issue since February?
I experience the same problems the members before me described: Constant crashes since I have some wParallax planes in my scene. It doesn't necessarily happen after the first Interactive Render - the crashes are pretty random, but quite constant in their appearance.

I use Max 2023 with Corona 9, both updated to the latest product versions.

Same for me, even the new version of parallax shaders crashes randomly but inexorably. it is totally unusable in production because it is far too unstable. I tested them on max 2022, 2023 and 2024 with corona 9 without success..


Well, I wouldn't go as far as calling it "totally unusable", as I managed to finish a competition, using parallax for the retail areas and thus saving tons of time and render ressources, but it surely is infuriating and far from how it should be.
The workaround I went with was setting up the parralax while the scene was still lightweight. Had to put up with constant saving and occasional crashes for a while, but after the parallax planes were set up, I just made the layer they were on invisible and was able to continue working without further crashes. Then, I'd just turn them on for preview renders and the final production (4K) and had no problems finishing the project.

Hope the issue will get resolved soon, though. Parallax solutions are a big help and it would be great to be able to use reliably.


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