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Crash with OSL wParallax

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Same for me, yesterday I tried to render a simple plane with an evermotion archmaterials 4 texture and 3dsmax crashes inexorably but somewhat randomly (sometimes after the 1st render or sometimes after a few renders). I use the evermotion OSL script (which automates the creation of OSL material)
I'm on max 2023.2.2, win 11 and corona 9.
Thanks a lot

Could you please help me? OSL parallax is time to time crashes 3ds Max to desktop in different scenarios. Most crashes occur while playing with materials (different, not only with OSL parallax). Could you please check it out to be sure wats wrong with it?

I'm using 3ds Max 2023.2.2 with Corona 9 (there is a lot of information on the Internet about the correct working parallax with 3ds Max 2022 corona 7, unfortunately, I cannot check it out).
I cannot get the 3ds Max minidump file, because crashing won't display this window.

Report #69464

The problem is still repeated on Corona 9 Hotfix 1.

The team is investigating the scene. Thanks them to all.

some news about it?

We were contacted by multiple users, we have at least one scene where the issue is reproduced and a minidump. The issue is reported for the dev/QA teams to investigate. I cannot tell what is wrong right now, but if it's something in Corona, we should be able to fix it. Crashes are high priority for us.


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