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MacOS 12.6, S26, Corona 9 RC1 - all single Cosmos assets import fine - but none of the preset scenes (grass, hedges etc) appear in the scene (they do download though).

Hi there, can you share an example of ones that do not import?

Anything from the Presets category


--- Quote from: Philw on 2022-10-10, 10:17:14 ---Anything from the Presets category

--- End quote ---
Seems to be working just fine here. :) Are you a macOS user by chance? Is your browser up to date? ;)

Yes MacOS as per the first post.

I'll see if there's a Cosmos browser update.

Also - in case its relevant - the indivdual models that make up the presets are all able to be imported individually - just the preset import doesn't import them.



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