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New Cloud Simulation


Hi Corona team!

I am soooooo glad to see the clouds implemented in the engine.
I've tried the system and is so cool, it resolves a part of issues and problems when we need clouds in our renders. The solution for me was to use always an HDRI and that has it's beauty but also it's limitations. Anyway, as this is the first implementation, which are the limits now? For example, I saw that the clouds once activated they change the skylight's color but the sun's intensity and shadows are always the same, we can change them manually but is there any possibility that they will block correctly and naturally the sunlight?

Thanks so much for your efforts!

Dionysios -

I've seen some user's feedback under the general discussion and me as well I confirm as follows:

- Cloud systems is great and fantastic!
- The overall performance seems very good which is a positive thing.
- Sun is always in front of the clouds and not covered, only once it happened to see it behind.
- The clouds produces shadows but the area shadows of the sun are not affected, if I cover 100% the sky with clouds I still see the shadows of the sun on the ground, something is wrong here.
- IR for me as well is very very slow.

This is an early feature I guess so I am sure many things will be fixed. For now I am very happy and excited!


Dionysios -


Thanks for the feedback!

Do you have the skymap in the 3ds Max environment slot? I have a feeling this is a cause for the slow IR.

We will look into this, but in the meantime you can put the skymap in the single map slot in the render setup and it should behave better.



Thanks for getting back and for your feedback.

I confirm, the Skylight map is used in 3ds Max's env slot.
I'll try out your suggestion and I am sure that it will get better, for now is a nice and cool start! 😎

Take care,

Dionysios -


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