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Corona Scatter: Distance map doesn't work with "Map Fixed"


Using 3ds max 2020 and Corona 8.2
It seems that the only way the corona distance map works with scatter is in legacy mode.

Aram Avetisyan:

How exactly are you using the CoronaDistance map and where is it plugged in the scatter.
Please attach some screenshots to understand the issue you are having better.

Hi Aram,

There's a video here:

And a screenshot attached.

Hi. Just tested it with max 2020 and Corona 8.2, and it seems to work as expected.

Remember that "Map fixed" means that black will be "From" value and white will be the "To" value. But with "Legacy" black will be 0% and white will be 100%.

Your scale-settings is from 40% to 50%, so "Map fixed" will be less visible than "Legacy".

Hope it helps

Works as expected.


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