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Chaos Cosmos browser window naming

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Please name the Cosmos browser window.
At least on macOs the browser window does not show up in C4D>Window or the dock icon context menu.

Hi there, are you able to share an image of this issue?

Instead of moving windows around to find the Cosmos browser, you could bring it to the front by clicking in the window menu, but it doesn't show up. Same in C4D dock icon context menu.
macOs 10.15.7. / C4D S24/ COR V8

I believe this is because the asset browser uses an external browser which is not linked to C4D. However, I will need to confirm this with the devs.

The COSMOS browser opens in a regular C4D window. I can rename the window and then it shows up, BUT it doesn't survive a restart.
If the window can be named just like the Corona material library, that would be great. Thanks! 


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