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V8: Cosmos crashes with search

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When I search anything in Cosmos, C4d crashes instantly. No follow up dialog or anything.

Corona Render V8
C4d r25

Thank you!

Can you send over the bugreport.txt? Also, which OS and version? Thanks!

Thank you! Will do, but will switch this over to the Chaos Help Center.
Thanks again.

I posted about this issue previously when using the v8 daily builds, but it seemed to go away. I was able to crash it just now with the released v8, but it took 15 searches. Sorry, but C4D did not produce any reports at all.

macOS Monterey v12.1
Corona v8

Those that may be having issues, can you please also give our latest V9 daily a test to see if that helps? You can access it here:


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