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I have a character I'm working on. But Before it's done I wanted to test how can I get the model from zbrush into max in full quality(no lowpoly with displacement). Character won't be animated so instead using low poly and doing displacement i want to use proxy mesh on already posed and ready to render mesh. I noticed corona has an option to when loading proxies to get it from .obj. But that gives me an error. Now I managed to load the character into max as an obj since now it has only 6.7mil poly and even when I will continue modeling it, it shouldnt have more in the end so this one could get converted from inside of max. btw. I'm adding little test with the 6.7mil poly proxy instanced couple of times with the use of my 6gb ram. However I can imagine a situation like this with 20+ mil. poly where this can be a problem to get inside max directly. So is this a bug? A feature that's not what I thought it was? Or is zbrush producing not the right kind of .obj for external conversion?

Tried converting it to editable poly and picking corona proxy from scene?

Yes, it works in this case, since max was able to load the model. But if the model is heavier and you do not want to use displacement then you need to convert it without loading into max. Vray has a tool for this, and corona has the option too but it's not working.

Looks like it just tries to parse the OBJ as binary file, this should be easy fix

That's awesome


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