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Path Tracing Samples Value changes Light Direction?



I was playing around with Corona and did a rendertest with DoF activated. Deadclown told me to use a value of "4" for Path Tracing Samples instead of the default "16". I re-rendered the image and it got obvious that the daylight direction had changed. At first I thought i made some changes so I did a quick 5 min rendering with 16 samples again and one with 4 samples and the same "problem" occurs.

Sofware: Max 2k12, Win7.

I attached the max-file for you to test this out yourself or maybe tell me why this happens :)

Well, it does not happen in the newest build, so lets hope it is fixed ;)

Well, ok, did not have access to the latest build, "only" Alpha3 ;) Thank you anyway :)


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