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CoronaSkinMtl and RaySwitchMtl BUG!

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Azamat Gasimov:
Hello! CoronaSkinMtl material and CoronaRaySwitchMtl don't work together! SkinMtl becomes black after loading into the any RaySwitchMtl slot!

I quickly tried to reproduce it, but failed, can you post a simple scene of your setup?

Azamat Gasimov:
Any, even the most simple scene produces the same result.

I use last build - rc7.

Same happens if plug Corona material in SSS mode. Turning SSS amount down to 0 in both materials, gradually makes them to render normally in conjunction with rayswitcher.
Scene attached.

Off-topic: What's up with the shadow terminator in the pic above? Shouldn't this look way better now or did you disable it?


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