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Phong tag doesn't work when using SSS

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Hello guys.
I'm trying to use SSS but it's impossible to have a smooth surface in a low poly model. If I'm not planning to use Subdivision in a high level, all the polygons are visible, which is bad.

Scene file:

I put 4 dummies just to compare the results with and without Subdivision.
The first 2 dummies have SSS and we can see the problem related.

How can I make Phong work properly when using SSS?

Build timestamp: Apr 12 2017 18:43:19
Version: A6.3  (core 1.5 )
Cinema version: CINEMA 4D Studio R18.041 S


I found this one in the helpdesk for 3dsmax, maybe it can help you.


--- Quote from: Cinemike on 2017-05-02, 06:01:31 ---I found this one in the helpdesk for 3dsmax, maybe it can help you.

--- End quote ---

That article is very usefull.

I've tried SSS + Translucency and the resulty is slightly better, although the SSS is less precise with translucency than refraction.


Well, as the helpdesk article says - you should have more detailed geometry. SSS is such a complex effect that it is not possible to fake the smooth geometry the same way as it is done with surface interactions. Simply smoothing the normal is not enough, because the SSS highlights the edges of the geometry regardless of the surface normals. Similar effect could actually be seen with AO and concave faceted geometry - in that case you also couldn't just use Phong tag to fix it...

+ a Tip
SSS is VOLUME based - without other surface elements or properties (shaders, materials, fine textures, normals...) can be artistically considered & used as a homogeneous volumetric shader (ie. fog ;)


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