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Viewport Performance drop once something is rendered or Material-editor is used.

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I recently discovered, that once i open a scene and started to render something or use the material-editor the viewport performance of max is getting bad. resulting in viewport-stuttering when rotating an object/scene or moving something around.

This behaviour only happend with corona 1.4. for now.

I'm using Max 2016 and corona 1.4 and got a Dell Firepro V7900 gpu with latest amd-driver...
currently i was not able to test this behaviour in other environments.

(Support ticket 3432)


same behavior is seen on similiar machine with an Quadro 4000 and latest driver.

I am not observing such behavior, can you record a video showing the problem so I am in picture?

Hello Ondra,

i've created a video ---- usually the viewport is quite smooth... when using the mouse. After i opened the material-editor or rendered an image - the navigations withing the viewports is horrible. You kinda get that impression at the end of the video, where i didnt released the mousebutton during moving or rotation. It seems stuttering and the object jumps to a certain position where the mouse is...

Working with the scene is quite impossible.

I've seen that in different scenes lately, but hadn't found the time to figure out the reason for that. I didn't had this behavior when using vray-as render engine or merging a affected scene into a new scene - so i'm not sure if there is that original scene corrupted or if that scene got degraded over time.

I couldnt see the effect in that merged scene.

I was having the same issues a little while ago and read a thread about windows update.
Ran the updates ( I hadn't updated in months ) and everything seemed to work fine again.
Worth a try if you haven't done so already.


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