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[Archive] Chaos Corona for ARCHICAD / Re: I love it !!!
« on: 2019-02-07, 16:12:29 »
WOW, that is an excellent result. I wanted to have some time to model a project from the ground up with materials created in Corona to see the final result and test... and maybe then create my own Template with materials set up correctly for Corona, but for now, no such luck in free time for that.

I am really looking forward to the release, but to be honest, I really want to test lighting conditions at nighttime renders.

[ARCHICAD] Daily Builds / Re: Daily build 2018-11-23
« on: 2018-11-23, 21:44:47 »
Thank you Jan :)

Hello Jan, I am happy to say I wasn't such a ditz a few months ago, and there is indeed a "92 - Jessica Renders" layer on that file where many of the extra geometry layers is turned off for renders. Still, I did some reorganizing on the file, and saved it again on the same folder, with a "_updated" on the file name, saved with many of the structural hidden layers hidden. I hope it helps :) I will have to look again into this file in the future to further refine it to send this project for a competition on sustainable design soon, so, I may be able to provide a better version soon, but it so far should work a bit faster if I am correct on the non-visible hidden geometry on the model consuming much time.

There are many individual elements, such as the outer pannel of the building is several vertical beams, also the fencing could be simplified or removed because it makes very little difference on the final model, this was done as a sort of quick fix before I had a real design. Also the trees are somewhat heavy, if you remove them or turn off the layer it should speed things up ( but they do help model shade in the project, so I for example wouldn't ). So, modeling wise I am aware there are these elements that do slow things down. Another issue are structural elements you can most times turn off, I am not sure if in a hurry I did some mistake on that front, I remember during modeling, I did want to sort layers better for kind of structural element, because there are beams you cannot see within the roofing panneling, which will not show nor help during render times, but construction wise, they should be present, so the kind of layer to be turned off for output renders, in hindsight they should have been turned off for exporting and for rendering as they are really sandwiched between layers of outer wood skin and won't show. If you want tomorrow I can have a look and create a version of the file with those layers turned off. Sorry I did not think about it before sending you the file, just a brief "AHA" moment I did not think about earlier.

My archicad was the Archicad Solo, so the folder was different from the common normal folder of the non-solo (full) version. So I had to copy the files into the correct folder, and it worked.

Hello Jan. I sent you a message with a dropbox link to the file, but felt like posting here this update. So, I played a bit with the file, trying to come with a night scene. You are correct, the lamps based on emiters are showing somewhat correctly, but I found out their intensity differs greatly from the CineRender results to the point on my first few attempts I did not notice they were there. Actually, two lamps models from the same manufacturer, which in CineRender show with similar intensity, here show very diferently.

But some lamps don't show at all.

Also, the number of lights/groups on the Stats don't match, and not all lights are showing. I noticed a common denominator on those, as some lights are, as in many architectural projects, actually hidden behind beams, or behind walls, and so on. I am not sure Corona is making a sweep to check which light sources are visible from a certain viewpoint and only rendering those, but in this image ( I am attaching ) I can see a faded view of some IES lamps on the base of the swimming pool, stronger ones on the stairs going up, two glares showing lamps inside the living room glass box, but many others, which in this image are occluded by geometry or solids, and the even tho the lamp itself cannot be seen, it's projected light should.

The image is closer, but in a similar position as the "reference" done in CineRender shown on the first post, so you can see what I mean.

From here on I am not sure what I am doing wrong fumbling with controls I am not yet used to, as I am finding out about the software as I go on testing.  This is of course, without altering materials, or changing it in any way. Some materials look better on the CineRender because I assume they have a "improved" version of the same material ( if I remember correctly these are all native AC22 materials, I did not get to custom editing those ), the glass looks a bit off and so on, but I could edit the materials to adjust for that. But for example, a lamp under the bedroom portion of the house on the far right of the image, meant to light the grass, doesn't show.

I am sure you will experiment a bit with the file. I hope it will help :) Let me know if I can be of assistance,


Hello, I will make a version of the file and send it with the added libraries, and send you via message or if you have an EMail I could use. I wouldn't like to post links to the file in an open forum.

Now I am having the same issue, not only with interactive render... the render did stop when the stop button was pressed, but the start button was not enabled, and the stop button is still active for selection, as if it was still running and we still had to confirm we want the process to stop, the stats say it stopped, but I cannot start again unless I close and reopen Archicad. Just opening and closing the Corona windows ( either one ) won't re-enable the start button, the process remains frozen until Archicad is re-initiated.

Not sure what is causing, but now I am testing a project I already had which has a good density of lights and transparent materials ( a sort of glass house ). I want to spend some time today constructing a simpler model just to test these issues later ( as well as study Archicad -> Blender transitions, as so far I am having problems with UVW texturing on Blender from Archicad models... but it doesn't make sense to remodel things again ).

I am running Archicad 22 Solo Build 4024 INT on a Core i7 4720, 16GB memory, nVidia 980M GTX Board With 4Gb VRAM Driver 416.34

I had the opposing problem... the render would sometimes simply freeze over, and not refresh anymore, until the window was closed and opened again, almost like a "reset" of the render.

My main need for a render plugin for Archicad is that the Solo version doesn't come with CineRender, and in Brazil it is sold at a good discount price, making many architects adopt Archicad Solo. Me included. I use it mostly to test lighting solutions ( daytime lighting and night time lighting ) so, realistic sun and realistic lighting ( IES based ) are something I do need. Corona was the only software in the test pack which did allow me to use Archicad native lights. But I had a couple of manufacturer provided models for lamps, with correct IES which used emission materials, and those did not render in Corona. I am not sure you are already aware of that and in the list of things to address soon.

Octane lost my interested when I noticed most usages were on "looking good" for selling to a client something which may not represent reality, but on a BIM workflow, I constantly do fast renders to test mood and intensity of lighting against exposure in a virtual camera, as well as fake color renders, to see if lighting setups and natural light devices do work as expected. It is very important that I can use lamps and light devices and materials as close as possible to what is gonna be built, as a way of almost "visiting what is to be built" to verify and correct myself, less as a tool for presentation ( that too... but I am learning Blender for that effect  ). I don't think the BIM Model is a place for high-poli objects and well textured elements. But having lights, surfave materials and textures working, in a photo realistic fashion ( as in simulating light ) is of immense value.

I am adding an example render done in CineRender ( while on the Educational License... when I was still to graduate as an architect ) which mixes Archicad lamps using IES files as well as manufacturer provided models, using emitter materials instead of Archicad Lamps. Of course, Cine Render is CPU based, and this image took a while, having this on a GPU Based engine, and play with intensity and elements to construct the mood would add great value to my workflow, likewise to be able to simulate daylight, and the mixing of daylight and artificial lighting playing together.  The ability to create 3D Render views, on Archicad, that are added to the document sheets, rendered on demand when the documents are processed, is also very important in my workflow. I have been lacking it since moving from the Educational to the Solo license, for the normal Open GL render just doesn't cut it.

So, what kind of feedback would be most useful now? How can we help evolve the solution to as close as possible to solving those needs? :)

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