Author Topic: Looking for a region render solution  (Read 1706 times)

2022-07-19, 18:05:23


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Hi guys, I hope you are enjoying the summer sun :)

I'm facing an issue which I can't find any script on initial 3ds max tool that will make the work done.

I would like to render a region of my camera (in a specific resolution, something similar to 3ds max blowup) but i would like to have this region even if I close and open again 3ds max as initial 3ds max region/ crop/ blowup etc. are refreshing if you restart the software. Do you know any script that can maintain the region area of the composition? The only thing that somehow gave me a possible solution is making a box ( not renderable) and use corona selection from viewport to have the area selected but this stills not a  viable solution as i have to make a 12K render to keep the region 5K.

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to your reply, cheers!

2022-07-19, 20:13:01
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You can upgrade that non-renderable box method by switching render area from region to blowup and checking on auto region selected next to it. This will let you control render resolution precisely. Unfortunatelly it's not easy to control region itself in perspective view that way and worst of all, it doesn't work in IR, so you'll have to start and stop rendering multiple times before you'll find exact size and position of non-renderable object that gives exactly what you want. On the plus isde, this method works even after Max restart.
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