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Hi, increasing strength for CoronaBumpConverter should fix the issue with RWS, however I am not sure if this expected so please stay posted until we get some further clarification from the team.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona mask element reset issue
« on: 2022-11-22, 11:32:00 »
Have to bring up this bug again. Seems to be a recurring issue with animating. I never touch the CMasking_Mask render element once I start animating, but it seems to reset and turn off the RGB so no masks render and puts animated red [] around all the spinners. I have to delete the element and start over since I can't modify it (it's greyed out -- see above old bug report). Been happening for years.

Maybe it's related to Deadline? I can't isolate it, but maybe it's because of submitting jobs.

Hi, is it possible to share a reproduction scene with us?
Please feel free to remove the majority of the scene assets, just keep the render elements and the reported issue. An archive of the repro-scene would work just fine, to upload please use:

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Crash with OSL wParallax
« on: 2022-11-18, 09:21:02 »
ive also been having some issues with this i suspect, but seemingly only on my computer in the office. opening many scenes with wParallax the first render renders fine, then if i stop and start a render it crashes 90% of the times if it contains wParallax planes. If i hide the wParallax in the scene it seems to work fine.
Not sure but i think its happening if i have the wParallax material in my material editor visible.

Hi I have tried to reproduce the crash but was unsuccessful, would it be possible to share an archived scene with us that the issue is reproducible? Ideally use: as suggested above. Thanks!

After further investigation it seems that this is a 3dsMax issue and not exclusive to any renderer. We will be notifying Autodesk regarding this and hopefully it can be addressed.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Tone mapping curves are SLOW
« on: 2022-10-26, 15:25:46 »
Hi, can you please clarify if this happens in any scene, f.e. if you try and use the curves in a relatively empty scene do you still get the UI lag?
Is it possible to share a brief video capture of the issue when you are working with it?

Just an update and a great thanks to Romullus, his scene helped identify the issue right away. It seems like there is a bug with opacity input + transparency visualization for 3dsmax viewport in Standard and DX quality. 

Switching to High-quality viewport should address the issue, as well as disabling transparency from viewport quality (top left corner) Standard > Materials > (untick) transparency, at least until we fix the issue. Please let me know if that worked for you or if there is an additional variable.

Reported: (internal id=987877802)

Here's the screenshots of two models with the issue. One of them has Corona physical materials, the other one has glTF material (it was displaying fine with Max physical material, but become inverted upon conversion to glTF with Max's scene converter). Notice how the model with Corona materials (the truck) is actually displaying fine in one of the viewports, while it's inverted in others even though all the viewports share identical settings as far as i can tell.

I can share both models, but i don't want to bother with opening the support ticket. Would it be ok if i do this through skype, George?

edit: i'm using 3ds Max 2023.2.2 and Corona 9 final.

Thanks Romullus! Please do do share in Skype I will look into it asap.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Merge>render settings bug!
« on: 2022-10-26, 11:35:31 »
reset 3dsmax vfb can be Merge once.
The second merger vfb is incorrect.
Do you have the Maxscript of the vfb load Postprocess.conf file?

Hi can you please clarify if IR is active/running while merging takes place? Also which 3dsMax version you are working on? Thanks!

Hi everyone, this is a known bug that was introduced in v9 daily builds but it was fixed, it should no longer be happening, can you please share a simple scene for us to test further?

(Internal id=963995878)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Pheonix and Corona Rendering Issues
« on: 2022-10-25, 12:18:09 »
Hi, can you please share a scene of the fluid simulation + your camera (you can remove/delete everything else)?

Can you please clarify what GPU you are currently using?

Nvidia driver: 512.77
Threadripper 3970x
Windows 11 pro

Thanks, some of us were able to reproduce so logging it for now and please stay posted until the investigation is complete.

(Internal id=986136634)

Can you please clarify what GPU you are currently using, and what's your desktop resolution?

here is max file with only the corona lights. issue is immediately apparent for me at least.

Max 2022 and corona 9, (issue was the same in 8)

Thank you, investigating.

finally figured out a bug thats been a plague in some scene. if the corona light is missing ies file the viewport becomes extremely stuttering if the corona lights that are missing the IES file is visible in viewport. as soon as the light is not visible in the viewport its fine or the IES is removed the viewport is fine. Very weird bug.

Hi and thanks for reporting this to us, I was unable to reproduce this, is it possible to share the file with just that corona light? Can you also please clarify which Corona version you are currently on and 3dsMax?

Hi George. I guess there's no better solution for now so I'll take a look at that fake version if you send it. Thanks for your help.

I hope it can help you, granted quality wise is not that great but with a little tweaking and better masking (other than gradient ramp), you can pretty much have an optimal fake that renders relatively fast. Also do check lightmtl light emissions to see if you can further improve performance by disabling them.

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