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[Max] I need help! / Re: Script to change simple exposure
« on: 2022-10-21, 18:26:42 »
quick adjustment of the code from the corona wiki:
Code: [Select]
pipeline = getProperty renderers.current "colorMap.pipeline"
while pipeline != undefined do
operatorClass = classOf pipeline
if operatorClass == SimpleExposureOperatorPlugin then exit
pipeline = getProperty pipeline "colorMappingOperator.nextOperator"

if pipeline != undefined then pipeline.colorMappingOperator_simpleExposure += 0.333

to decrease the value just replace the "+=" with "-="
hope this helps

Hardware / Re: New budget PC: i9 12900 or Ryzen 9 5950x?
« on: 2022-10-03, 10:23:31 »
well, cores are not everything - each core has a frequency (GHz) and those will differ quite a bit.
Also with Intel, cores are seperated in Performance and Effiency variants, which again have different frequencies.

its not fixed in the 2023.2.2 update.
you can set any renderer that is not Corona to default and then have to switch back to Corona every time, to avoid the problem.
but that obviously still sucks.

that was fast!
any chance we can get a hotfix for v8?

this is from 4 days ago:
As soon as possible is the time frame we are at. A fix for the issue is currently being tested internally (thank you once again to those that provided sample scenes).
Once that has been verified as good we can start the formal build process, and then the delivery process.

Any reference, or just personal experience?

Had it happen to me today. Seems to be related to the chamfer update.

thank you!

also, for anyone thinking of updating, don't.
There is another bug, stopping you from opening scenes pre-update.


the new max update crashes 100% of the time, when closing the render setup dialog.
Apparently this issue only occurs with corona, vray seems to work fine.
tested on 3 machines.

I hope I understood the problem correctly.
try running this:
Code: [Select]
global whiteMat = CoronaPhysicalMtl()
global cnt = 0 ="GI_white"

for obj in geometry where obj.mat != undefined do 
raySwMat = CoronaRaySwitchMtl()
raySwMat.giMtl = whiteMat
raySwMat.reflectMtl = obj.mat
raySwMat.refractMtl = obj.mat
raySwMat.directMtl = obj.mat = ("RaySwitchMtl" + "_" +
obj.mat = raySwMat
print ("materials processed: " + (cnt as string))

please do a scene hold before you run it.

I have the exact same problem, in my case its mostly disk lights with an ies. First I thought it was the ies but I think its more a max problem like pokoy pointed out. 
Viewport performance with 100+ lights is unbearable so I just filter them in the viewport. Its still a pain if you have to change something and make them visible again though...

[Max] I need help! / Re: Advice for 28K rendering issues
« on: 2022-04-14, 09:40:04 »
you can also double the resolution with adobe's "super resolution" inside camera raw.

Go to render settings (F10) and select corona render from the "Renderer" dropdown list. (located at the top of the window)

tell me again what you need exactly.
you want to be able to control different values of different cellular maps all at once inside the Slate Material Editor right?

try this:

Code: [Select]
myObjs = #($Box001,$Box002) -- add objects with "," seperation here
getObjCMaps = for i in myObjs collect getClassInstances Cellular target:i

for cMap in getObjCMaps do
cMap.size = 1.0 --change size value here
cMap.spread = 0.5 --change spread value here

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