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[Max] I need help! / 3ds max projection mapping
« on: 2022-02-20, 16:55:50 »
Hello, had a weird request from a client recently and got a little bit stumped recently.
Client want's to put images on sunshade facade elements and want to make that perspective trick where image only reveals itself when you're standing in specific spot.
So he wants our help with testing the images and help with documentation needed for the printing process.
Thing is i'm encountering a problem with uv mapping. I used planar mapping aligned to a camera view to simulate a projector in a way.
But because it's a planar mapping thing it still projects the image from a big plane, not from a single point as a projector does. Because of that I get stepped effect in some places witch is not desirable.
I tested it out with a spot light in max and worked pretty well.
So my question is. Is thera a way in max to project a texture from a single point like projector does or is it impossible?

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