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2019-01-07, 14:03:01

Engraff Studio

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Hello everybody,

I would like to share with you my first test with Corona for Archicad. Although it can't fit in my current workflow I decided to give it a try because I love both softwares.
I know that it is in the alpha stage at the moment so I won't comment on the lack of the basics.
The biggest challenge for me I think it was making the materials, and the fact that you don't have viewport feedback only in interactive mode. Also the poxys dind't work for me, I got only black geometry and couldn't assign any materials to them.

Overall I think it is really useful for bim user, really stable and well integrated.
Keep up the good work!


2019-01-07, 15:08:38
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Archicad 23(corona)-Rhino 6(vray)-Maya 2020(arnold)

2019-01-11, 02:05:33
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William Yan

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really beautiful!!!!How did you set the texture, the glossy effect is so great!