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2018-11-26, 16:50:32


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I have problem with proxy materials. *.cgeo was made by c4d corona.
how to set materials?
Thank you.
Archicad 8-23CZE, Corona Renderer for Archicad Alpha 5

2018-11-28, 22:57:57
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I also tested .cgeo created in 3DS and had same issue with the materials. I am unable to assign any in ArchiCad.

Also, maybe it would be good to have an option to thick a box for uniform surfaces as windows have.

2018-11-30, 14:04:53
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Proxy objects are really important because AC can't handle polygon heavy objects like trees.

I also tried a proxy tree by using 3ds MAx ( but I dont know how to assign materials or it doesn't work.

2018-12-03, 10:18:23
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Jan Špaček

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Hi, thank you for your bug report! The proxies are very provisional, so they may not always work well. Adding a "use uniform material" checkbox is a good idea, I have added it to my list of smaller feature requests. Can you please send me the .cgeo file, and perhaps also the .pln file? That will be the easiest way for me to debug this.

(I also moved this post to the "bug reporting" section of the forum.)

2018-12-03, 14:02:15
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Hello! We can't add obj file to proxy. Look at this

2018-12-29, 07:11:30
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Lenar S

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Corona Proxy does not open .obj files and when opening .cgeo files there is a problem with textures, the textures are not in their place and they are of the wrong color

2019-08-06, 14:06:38
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Hi all. Currently, the proxy object is a very experimental feature. However, it's in a top 3 requested features according to our polls. There will be more info on the road map soon...