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Hi all,

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
When creating a Corona material, is there a way to select image files directly from the linked or embedded ArchiCAD library, rather than using the file manager to search for a file?
I'm having the issue where any files selected for a Corona material are detected as 'missing' by the AC library manager, even when they are in the same location as linked library.
I believe it is because the files were selected individually, rather than from the library.
This is also the same for hdris, basically any element that opens the file manager as a prompt to select a file.

For reference, when you try to add an image to a cinerender material it opens the 'Load Image from Library' dialog box - image attached for reference.
From here you can either select an image from a linked library, or select 'Add' which opens the file manager, and any file selected is then added to the embedded library.

Any advice appreciated, thanks

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