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Even clearer results and Faster than Alpha 4,
but I have the following problem:
After interactive start - Preview Material return Black!

Thank you for the release!
Best Regards in the World and especially in Italy!

In this version (Alpha 4) i have the same problem with the previous one (Alpha 3).
In material editor (surface panel) when you copy-paste a complex chain and specifically 3 Blend with textures and color correction (one blend inside the other) in Diffuse & Displacement, reset material!

Regards !

I have this error -> vcruntime140.dll ;
(Window 8.1)

It may be too early for this, when the next version will be ready? Maybe some corrections to the basic functions !

Best Regards
Vasilis !

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / material reset when copy-paste
« on: 2019-02-02, 08:52:36 »
Manytimes in material editor (surface panel) when you copy-paste a complex chain with textures,color correction,blend ...... the material reset all parapeters and replaced with white color.
Some menus as in the system preferences ,about,License they do not work.
(and the message for cinema4d I do not know what it is and if it has any relation to the Corona).

[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Some more we need!
« on: 2018-11-27, 18:20:40 »
Material : BlendMaterial,Matte
Texture : Noise
Utilities : falloff(FacingRatio),range,flakes,ColorJitter(rand texture,color),RoundCorners(All objects in Archicad are with hard edges),ramp(gradient) ...
other : scatter(like xgen,mash)

Material Editor maybe !(instance maps would help even more)

I know there is a lot.Generally anything that could be added would help!
(The problem with colorSelector there is only in Rendering setting)

Be strong!

translation-> sponsorship Google

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / First contact with CORONA
« on: 2018-11-18, 16:20:20 »
First of all, good luck in this endeavor.
It is probably the best step to complete the Archicad.
First contact with the Corona Renderer - the best.
Although I use it Arnold-Maya many years , I can see speed without noice!And of course I use ΟΝΕ program!

My issues shown in Image!While working at the beginning ,after, show this issues.I can not use "Color selector".
(IN -> What is the name of our main license type - I do not know what to answer - and because of my problem I can not see the license in Archicad)

with regards
Translation -> google

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