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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Test Renderer
« on: 2020-02-23, 21:06:46 »
Nice design! The FOV is a tad extreme but that might be the look you're going for

Hardware / Re: 128GB Ram on mATX motherboard
« on: 2020-02-04, 04:28:47 »
Hi, there are a few small form factor travel friendly cases that support a full size atx board, which would allow you to use a threadripper or intel HEDT platform to get more ram slots, and not have to use double stacked ram.

See this case for example:

Uploaded a residential build in our Twinmotion template, I've only done a small amount with Corona in this file to compare the results with Cinerender but the staging may prove useful for testing. Hope this helps

Thanks for the quick reply, I wasn't sure if I had just missed an alternative workflow. Keep up the good work!

Hi all,

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
When creating a Corona material, is there a way to select image files directly from the linked or embedded ArchiCAD library, rather than using the file manager to search for a file?
I'm having the issue where any files selected for a Corona material are detected as 'missing' by the AC library manager, even when they are in the same location as linked library.
I believe it is because the files were selected individually, rather than from the library.
This is also the same for hdris, basically any element that opens the file manager as a prompt to select a file.

For reference, when you try to add an image to a cinerender material it opens the 'Load Image from Library' dialog box - image attached for reference.
From here you can either select an image from a linked library, or select 'Add' which opens the file manager, and any file selected is then added to the embedded library.

Any advice appreciated, thanks

Based on my limited experience with the Corona rendering palette (2 or 3 days worth) I actually prefer its layout compared to the typical photo rendering settings palette.
There are also a few benefits to using it that I have found so far, mainly that renders launched from the corona palette launch in the VFB, whereas using the photo rendering settings palette docks the render into an Archicad tab like normal. Unsure if there is still a way to use the VFB with the Archicad style interface currently.
Also the corona palette allows you to launch the interactive render view, whereas the photorendering settings preview seems to use different settings / take longer.

Currently it is confusing having the 2, but there are benefits to the dedicated corona palette which I hope can be carried over to the Archicad style UI.
One other thing to note is that rendering settings from the photorendering palette can be saved with a view, so you could have a view set up for preview settings and one for a final, for example.
Currently the corona palette just seems to maintain the most recent settings, which can be frustrating. Is there / will there be a way to save a render profile?

Thanks, and hope this insight helps

Keep, very useful so far!

Hi all — Please see link the the files below. Note: The archiCAD File is in the 'Textures" folder. Also, you'll most likely have to relink all secondary maps related to bump,gloss, etc. These were loaded using the 'bitmap' option and as I noted in a different thread... Corona looses these paths when the AC file moves. It does not loose the diffuse map because this one lives in the AC Libraries.

This is for testing and educational purposes only. Textures and models cannot be used for commercial/commissioned projects.

Hi there, any chance you could upload this file in a .pla format? Could help with all the missing files.
Also interested how you imported the nice assets into AC, did you use model port or something similar? Or were they already in an ac friendly format?
Corona is looking amazing based on these test renders!

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