Author Topic: 3dsmax crashes upon rendering with overclocking  (Read 1616 times)

2021-08-27, 23:19:41


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Overclocking through Ryzen Master: Speed: 4,450 Mhz - Voltage: 1.25 V

- CPU: 5950x
- RAM: 128GB

Sometimes my 3dsmax crashes when i render with overclocking on, it only crashes in the denoising process. rendering is fine no matter how long it would take.
I used many other software to make sure my overclocking is stable. and my sweet spot was 4,500 Mhz at 1.25V

What can be the problem in my overclocking to make my rendering through corona crashes at denoising?

2021-08-31, 14:42:50
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Denoising uses the CPU at true 100%, so if you get crashes it means that something is overheating or otherwise not stable when the CPU is running at 100% for an extended period. Unfortunately this means that your overclock is not actually stable, in that case, sorry.
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