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follwing the overall idea here im doing my thread for stuff i find :)
so to start off:
alpha v2
- corona ignores "render iterations" in turbosmooth modifiers
_Keymaster: FIXED
- crash on adding map to emitter slot
_Keymaster: FIXED
- i had some crashes on changing path tracing back and forth but cant replicate that for now.

Assigning a map to CoronaMtl Emission slot causes 3dsmax crash.
Yes, i found that bug too.
Even in Alpha v.3

there is no alpha v3 ;)

ok, one more thing:
if you render out animation sequence the .hdr files are black (both from corona vfb and normal max vfb). .png save fine.
but the .hdr render passes seem to be ok?

and one more: corona seems to ignore modifiers set to invisible in viewport (visible on render) probably same problem as rendering subdivs in turbosmooth.
_Keymaster: FIXED

Im using EXR and i had blank/black image too but when saving EXR, switch to full float and not to integer


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