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Best practice to set up a large scene- lots of houses!

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Alex Abarca:
I came across a similar situation. I had to model a bunch cookie cutter type houses for a background scene. It was literally thousands of houses. I modeled about 20 types of configurations to the lowest polygon count possible. As you can see in the explainer video I didn't even bother to do thickness on the walls, Finally I applied material randomizers on the roof and walls. I used railclone as you can see in the video it automatically degrades to point cloud when it reaches a high threshold.

Once I modeled the whole scene modeled I didn't open for the rest of the project since it was an xref and the master file was parked in the render manager/backburner. Whenever I needed to render an update I just reactivated the job and it picked up the xref automatically. I do these little short clips for myself to remind me of the dumb stuff I do. :D

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing and adding the video. Thats a lots of houses! Hopefully I won't need that many in one scene ever, great to see it can be done though. Xref scenes is definitely the way to go as I am starting to realise. Thanks again.


--- Quote from: Alex Abarca on 2022-09-01, 08:51:08 ---....I had to model a bunch cookie cutter type houses for a background scene. .....

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How much RAM was needed to render this kind of scene ?


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